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  1. Happy birthday

  2. Happy birthday 

  3. happy birthday @lemona it's your day to drink and to coin what you have on the table to know that we love youomg GIF

  4. Vritme

    Toxic Graphics

    omg u so best bro @Toxic i like what you do thank you are with xat com and doing beautiful things
  5. happy birthday @Maverick if you give me the heart I will love you(goo) to have everything that it does not getspring april GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

    1. Maverick


      Thank you very much.

    2. Vritme
  6. hi nice idea i like it (Y)
  7. error on xat Assistance  or bot it bug 



    1. Witness


      Vritme - Special correspondent on xat.com 


      Thank you for keeping us tuned on what's currently happening on xat. 

    2. HelperNate


      That's not a bug. If PROCURORU was ranklocked to guest and bot keeps attempting to tempmod him, he needs to be either:


      A: Removed from autotemp list

      B: Removed from ranklock

  8. bots on trade download.thumb.png.3a5084e8b96f8c55328197c79b5624f7.pngScreenshot_1.thumb.png.6eda004abecfc716ed227a1f7edbd8a5.png

    1. Anas


      Protection is on and we already did kick them out!

    2. Booh


      I can not do anything I removed from the team

  9. Vritme

    My designs

    nice graphics bro u are good make you contest for gusy <3 your welcome
  10. Happy birthday @freemad

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