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  1. 31 minutes ago, Sooweird1905 said:

    Hi guys's i'm not sure if this title is right but i have to write it somewhere,sorry if wrong 2days ago i told volunter's that mod's were abusing in sohbet after that sevda got upset and keep trying to provoke me typing to me when i did type back i got banned kaul for, threating (main) which i didnt do you can look logs with turkish translate, they  get angry  when someone  tells them to volunters or in forum then they seek a reason to ban you for no reasson now i got banned 150 hours for personal issues for NO reason ! please help anyone Sevda  did many abuses like  she show her self good person but she showed someonones picture to other people whitout permission this is arule break too imo, There is no justice in sohbet they always cover their back and they  get angry when you tell  to anyone besides them cuz they are affraid of you take actions please.

    The chat is managed like a playground, I understand what you say, but the administrators are not interested in it.For example, although I am a Turkish user, I do not enter Turkish pages, you can do that too. LOL

  2. 2 hours ago, Sydno said:

    To quote Robbins' definition of economics: the science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.


    A graphics card is a computer component, it can be produced in large quantities and therefore is not considered scarce, although it does have alternative uses (minerals vs gaming).

    By offering two similar products, the producer is not rewarding their loyal customers, he is discriminating his market to increase his profit (ie satisfying more customers).

    In your example, everyone can be satisfied because new identical graphics card can be produced in a factory-wide fashion.


    An ID (identification number) is by definition unique. It is used to identify your account. You can produce (or release) new IDs but each one will be different.

    There are only 9000 4-digit IDs possible, which means that even if xat was releasing all of them, there wouldn't be enough to satisfy all xat users.

    In that case, discriminating the market would lead into xat releasing multiple range of IDs. Guess what? That's what xat is doing by releasing 4-digit IDs but also 8-digit, 7-digit and 6-digit IDs during the pre-BF event.


    In rare markets, low supply meets high demand which result in higher prices, that's economics and unless the market is unefficient (which isn't the case here), there is absolutely no reason to interfere. Otherwise, it'll just succeed in making less people happy. To quote StevenTrying to restrict who can buy what is the exact opposite of fighting for users' freedom. You said auction made rich users richer, is that even true? It has been acknowledged years ago by most resellers that that selling IDs is not worth the time spent to buy auction powers. That is also a reason why xat has reduced the number of ID auctioned per year.


    Now ask yourself the question, are you complaining because you are not happy of not getting a rare ID? If that is so, then your complain is egoist.

    Are you complaining because you think you better deserve these rare IDs than the ones buying it? If that is so, what are your metrics to measure who deserves what if it cannot be the money spent on the website?


    Last but not least, supposing everyone could get a rare ID, would you even be happy? I doubt so, because if everyone can get something rare, it isn't rare anymore.

    If we all had 4-digit IDs, some would still fight for the 1000-1999 IDs and we would still get complains about how these IDs are supposedly too expensive.


    TL;DR If you think it is unfair for the user who made the bigger bid to win the auction, you should either work on yourself (define what really matters to you, what is a necessity and what is not) or offer a solid and rational alternative to the system.

    So is it legitimate for 1 user to participate in the auction with different accounts? I think this scam is a new dimension if we cannot enter the same page when banned, it should not be allowed. I think it should be banned just as it is forbidden to login to the same page with different accounts when we are banned

    If a solution had been found, we wouldn't be discussing such issues, I think here it is abused for profit

  3. 11 hours ago, Karl said:

    You've got to understand one crucial factor here, xat is a business. It is absolutely not in the best interests of a business to ignore high spenders and cater to low spenders. Regardless of how rude or capitalism based that sounds, that is the harsh reality. If 1 person buys 500,000 xats, the chances are relatively high that they MAY be used on an auction. If 100 people buy 10000 xats however, there is almost no chance that they are going to be used for auctions because frankly, you're not winning anything with such a low amount of xats to spend, auctions cater to the highest bidder, that is the only criteria. 


    If people choose to bid on numerous IDs with numerous accounts, that is their right to do so. I do not believe there is anything in the terms of service which states users can only bid on one ID per person (correct me if I am wrong). There's also the possibility of making it part of the conditions of an auction that you can only bid on one ID and if you bid on more than one then all bids are terminated and the bid value (in the form of xats/days or powers) is removed from the account, but again you'd have to be able to prove this which is hard, especially when people could lose monies with doing so. 


    One of the major issues with auctions is the use of auction powers, however you can easily counter this argument by saying due to the sheer amount of unlimited powers on the market anyone can get a 50% markup on some unlimited powers giving them access to bid on IDs without needing the exact bid in xats. At that point, your 10,000 xats then becomes 20,000 xats (more spending power!) The main problem with auction powers is it does exactly what your attempting to stop, big spenders hoarding powers for super cheap early in the year then being able to utilise them later in the year in auctions. One answer to this would be either 1) Removing the ability to use powers at all 2) Removing the ability to use unlimited powers and limiting it only to limited powers or 3) Only allowing you to claim an ID with the exact xats (or days) in value for the bid that has been successfully accepted. 

    I think you don't understand me , because , I can give you an example about NVIDIA graphics card company 


    If I do not remember wrong, 3 or 4 years ago, there was no graphics card in the market due to the intense demand of the users who searched for minerals on the internet. 

    And the prices suddenly increased by 2 or 3 times and the loyal users could not buy the products anymore, and the company took action for this and released a separate graphics card for its normal users and released a separate graphics card for those looking for minerals, such as bitcoin, etc.


    I want to say that if you are a company, you should value every user, they are loyal users that keep you up. 


    I think new ideas, new ideas should be developed

  4. 5 hours ago, Karl said:

    The concept behind an auction is X bids on Ys product and if X doesn't bid high enough then Z wins. That's how all auctions work. Limiting who and who can't bid on an auction doesn't solve the problem, it just creates another one in a different area, in this case you could argue it would reduce sales of xats for xat. An auction isn't about being fair or allowing all to bid, it's about the seller getting as much as possible for the item being sold.


    The main discrepancy with the current system xat uses is the fact that is the company itself selling products which are not yet available for purchase, auction is the sole way for their purchase and eventual collection. This differs from regular online auctions such as eBay, where although the company itself does sell products these products are also available from other vendors. xat is the sole place to get IDs, there is no 3rd party selling them, unless you argue users. 


    To expand on my last point about users, you could potentially allow users to list their own IDs up for auction which would allow everyone to have the ability to participate in an auction. Similar concept as the pre-established auction system, but for the first 24 hours people can list their IDs (IDs they own can only be done when on account with said id, no k2s) and people can bid then the last 8 go forward to phase 2. The problem here is, you either might not get anyone bidding (due to sheer lack of interest or quality of IDs listed) or the accepted bid could be lower than what the owner originally deemed the IDs value which could result in disputes, a reserve feature so the ID can not be sold below X price could potentially solve this problem.

    what you say is true but in this case it means xat.com selects 10 valuable users and ignores 100 low-income users.  


    My main goal in this regard is to have a large number of users who cannot get id and to be able to organize an event according to them. 1 man buys 500 k xats per year for xat 100 men maybe get 10 k xats in total for xat , I think it is necessary to design this situation with different activities and as I said, the auction continues with different accounts of the same people.

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  5. On 11/10/2020 at 4:56 AM, Crow said:

    Thank you for your suggestion. Your idea is lacking key details though.


    Please could you check out the topic below and edit your suggestion accordingly?



    If not, the topic will be locked.

    Thank you ,  i did update

  6. We can turn the hero of our childhood godzilla into a power


    xat now needs to build powers creative and dynamic


    Power Name = GODZILLA

    for HTML5 Stickers


    Sticks decorated with fire effects


    When we move the mouse on the power it will turn into a giant creature and send fire


    e97139bf874ecaf351e49df2d821a54c.thumb.jpg.92a8af982ff0b93fc9f9808baa7d5e04.jpg  3196795fa8d327c8d78fa350fce801c6.thumb.jpg.ec8ca3f02f67b78a889759ba8a337e1f.jpg






  7. In all auctions, the same people are bidding on the ID's.  (I have been following for a long time)


    this kind of makes the rich richer and the poor poorer  ,   Normal xat users or users who cannot afford such activities cannot enter this business, so we constantly watch the same people.


    We are waiting for a solution for this As xat people, maybe what I am defending is wrong but different events can be organized for low income users. 


    We can change this situation with different organizations.  this is a suggestion


    I think auction now has a function that works for the rich or for people with extremely high income


    we are need your help  @Admin






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  8. I made a video about how to get a tickle , If you have a problem with this, you can watch it and see how it was received!

    You can choose the language you want from the language section.






    Have a good time!



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  9. xat can choose the willing person for this job among the contributors ,  by a vote , you can think of it like xat referendum , for the first time , an administrator selected by xat users can be chosen for assistance



    this is just a suggestion : )))




  10. 1 minute ago, Crow said:



    If you wish to report the staff on a chat, please click "Send message" above the chat (HTML5 version) and file a report with as much evidence as you can. If you do not provide evidence, no action may be taken.


    Alternatively, please contact the manager(s) directly via private chat / private message with your concerns.

    this is not a complaint, I just want to know why active users are not rewarded here for years, or only users who are active for 1 hour and never come back are assigned


    there are many active users I know in the trade and none of them are in charge

  11. I have been in business for so many years and as a result of my observations, some users have been acting as moderators even though they have never been traded. 


    I wonder why users who do not come here are moderators instead of users who are constantly in the trade in the morning and evening. 


    **staff names removed**  , almost inactive users 



    I think that only those who are moderators should be real users of the trade , It is interesting to choose inactive ones while there are constantly active users


    Thx: ))


  12. 18 minutes ago, Ted said:

    I think the forum is for proposing and discussing suggestions and ideas to improve xat. Not to show or make relationships. For that kind of thing there is xat.

    That is unnecessary.

    xat and forum are not independent of each other , here is a chat platform for me 

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