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  1. more power can be added yes all power about working can be included , thx for your comment
  2. H e l l o X A T G u y s As you know, a big trouble like corona virus has emerged in the world. and people started getting or going to work or doing their job at home we understood more how important and valuable the time our workers or our jobs spend in our work The duties of healthcare workers, more precisely their workers, were enormous and they still continue their duties with great care. I thought of a worker collecting power for them and all workers, it could be further improved, I think 7 powers might be the power to commemorate xat
  3. Thanks for 900 new BIG xat.com
  4. we are need for BIG POWER auction LOL
  5. The chat is managed like a playground, I understand what you say, but the administrators are not interested in it.For example, although I am a Turkish user, I do not enter Turkish pages, you can do that too. LOL
  6. H a p p y  B i r t h d a y    T I  T A   @Tita




    1. Tita


      Thanks youu Vals (hug)

  7. So is it legitimate for 1 user to participate in the auction with different accounts? I think this scam is a new dimension if we cannot enter the same page when banned, it should not be allowed. I think it should be banned just as it is forbidden to login to the same page with different accounts when we are banned If a solution had been found, we wouldn't be discussing such issues, I think here it is abused for profit
  8. I think you don't understand me , because , I can give you an example about NVIDIA graphics card company If I do not remember wrong, 3 or 4 years ago, there was no graphics card in the market due to the intense demand of the users who searched for minerals on the internet. And the prices suddenly increased by 2 or 3 times and the loyal users could not buy the products anymore, and the company took action for this and released a separate graphics card for its normal users and released a separate graphics card for those looking for minerals, such as bitcoin, etc. I
  9. what you say is true but in this case it means xat.com selects 10 valuable users and ignores 100 low-income users. My main goal in this regard is to have a large number of users who cannot get id and to be able to organize an event according to them. 1 man buys 500 k xats per year for xat 100 men maybe get 10 k xats in total for xat , I think it is necessary to design this situation with different activities and as I said, the auction continues with different accounts of the same people.
  10. these numbers do not seem normal at all for a normal user, it seems to increase even more.
  11. Valstein


    Thank you , i did update
  12. Valstein


    We can turn the hero of our childhood godzilla into a power xat now needs to build powers creative and dynamic Power Name = GODZILLA for HTML5 Stickers Limited Sticks decorated with fire effects When we move the mouse on the power it will turn into a giant creature and send fire
  13. In all auctions, the same people are bidding on the ID's. (I have been following for a long time) this kind of makes the rich richer and the poor poorer , Normal xat users or users who cannot afford such activities cannot enter this business, so we constantly watch the same people. We are waiting for a solution for this As xat people, maybe what I am defending is wrong but different events can be organized for low income users. We can change this situation with different organizations. this is a suggestion I think auction now has a function
  14. In this video I tried to show you how to bid on an auction briefly and simply, but you have to be careful with the rules. : )) Have fun
  15. i suggestions ids 4 digits 6161 , 1453 , 1071 8 digits 61616161 6 digits 616161
  16. How to send a ticket after watching this video you will have no problems!
  17. dont get this error but now wait 4 minute or 5 minute said for new power , i dont understand what is wrong ?
  18. Seeing you voluntarily is very expensive and valuable 


    Congr  mate!  Goodluck  @Stif

    1. Stif


      Thank you!

  19. Happy 29 October 1923  Turkish Republic Day





  20. 1 month ago I was looking in xat help and some users didn't know how to get tickles or couldn't , I think they can do it easier by watching such videos.
  21. I made a video about how to get a tickle , If you have a problem with this, you can watch it and see how it was received! You can choose the language you want from the language section. Have a good time!
  22. xat can choose the willing person for this job among the contributors , by a vote , you can think of it like xat referendum , for the first time , an administrator selected by xat users can be chosen for assistance this is just a suggestion : )))
  23. ''hunting while going hunting , I guess they call it'' rest in peace  (smirk)  ( is the word of the day)

    1. iSavage


      we're gonna hunt lewdbrat?

    2. Valstein


      haha bro   i like this reply xD

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