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    the people I am currently meeting in xat are between 20 and 60 years old I think you are talking about the old xat ?
  2. Valstein


    what you say may be true, but this is not enough explanatory for me , because they use it in the cops and how you use it, it's up to you, why are there have rules? I am starting to question what is the function of the power of prohibition
  3. can it be like pawncolor ( open only for pawn powers ) ?
  4. Valstein


    why xat.com does not fulfill the requests of its users , I think there are too many people who want to see a sword-like or weapon-like smile there are a lot of people chatting here and there are people of all ages , after all this is a virtual environment we come here to have fun
  5. Valstein


    Why do not we make weapon power ? weapons and smilies can be combined , shooting smilies can be used as stickers I think it should be because the AK-47 is a popular weapon name I think weapons should be used AK-47
  6. we are now  BFF , i  l o v e    y o u  E l y a  <3 (hug) @elya

    1. elya


      cat love GIF by Molang


      BFF,, i love you <3 (hug) @Valstein

    2. Valstein


      haha you are my kitten  hehe :p

  7. https://prnt.sc/tpizji https://prnt.sc/tpiyh3
  8. a pawn with colored lines , can be more beautiful with different touches can only be unlocked with total pawn powers ? (blueman , ruby, pink , gold , purple ) a pawn striped pawn when you have them ? I think it might be like Crow talked about @Crow This could be an ideal pawn effect for AllPowers or another expensive collection in the future (e.g. AllLimiteds / AllUnlimiteds - there could be vertical stripes for one and horizontal stripes for another). The half and half color effect symbolizes how the collection isn't as full as EveryPower. I think this striped effect should work in tandem with existing pawns. E.g. pink striped pawn (pink power), orange striped pawn (owner rank), ruby striped pawn (ruby power)
  9. this is a good example for jail or this new power striped PAWN
  10. New icons can be made on prohibition , Is it really necessary to see if it works? it can be nice to see new images mixed with HTML5
  11. there is so much power over ban , I think it might be a power that can be added to the collection category. 11 Power
  12. A view for Flash https://prnt.sc/torr4u A view for HTML5 https://prnt.sc/torrac Why does the size look so different?
  13. this nice power i think all like
  14. I remember you every time I see this  asdadsda (maniac)   @Maverick






  15. Valstein

    entry html5

    automatically kick after a certain time when it is active with the HTML5 it wants to say or he doesn't want to get into HTML5 my think LOL
  16. Both VaLstein (1501270623)
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