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  1. I felt like I had to write this , I want everyone to know that I'm happy to come back here , I apologize to everyone for the unpleasant incidents : )  ^.^

  2. http://prntscr.com/k5oin4 its normal ?
  3. H a p p y    B i r t h d a y 

  4. Ohh LoL  So Cute ...






    1. Mystic


      aw the kittens look adorable!

  5. "A nice smile is like the sunlight that enters a dark house."


    you are good, handsome brother



    1. Mystic


      Thank you so much!

    2. Valstein
  6.    Today  my  new  birthday  thank you  L u n a l a   <3  @Asphyxia



        will you come with me forever  ?








    1. Mystic



  7. my  new  love    awww  so cute  <3 









    1. Leandro


      You finally did it. I'm proud..

    2. Ereshkigal


      give me ruby now

    3. Eleven


      WOAH, FINALLY!!!!!

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  8. Happy  Birthday 

    1. Rida


      thank u !

  9.                                                     ꕤ     The World Is Yours       ꕤ



                                                          You are  me and I am you





    1. Mystic


      I like the font style you used for this post. It looks very good! Very nice post Valstein!

    2. Valstein


      ty bro 

    3. Mystic


      Your welcome!

  10. Valstein


    yes friend i want scary faces a realistic image , six sins kdemon mixed
  11. Valstein


    I know bro , but this real devil and all its features can be bad , on a realistic scale 7 in sinful style
  12. Valstein


    HELLO FRİENDS Name: Diablo or Satan Powers : Limited there was angel power before, now why is satan ? only a face or a small design , the main figure must be scary and bad Can be designed over 7 sins ? Sins Six Kdemon (mixed scary faces a realistic image ) http://prntscr.com/jy5mf7
  13. @DjCrazy                                          Happy Birthday  Basgan 




    Her doğan güneşte umutlanacağın yeni bir gün ve batan güneşte mutluluğuna mutluluk katacak yeni bir gece olacak yeni bir yaş diliyorum. İyi ki doğmuşsun...







    1. DjCrazy


      danke dir ty ve tsk ederim <3

  14. @Maay                 My Dear   Maryaa <3  🎂  🎂  🎂 


    waves hit the beach , our stars shine forever , the sun is shining in your eyes


    and remember  ^.^


           the heart is clean as red rose, dreams endless as sky blue   

                                                                                                                🌷      Happy Birthday      🌷  







    1. Marya


      Many many thnx dear Valstein <33 God bless u forever

  15. Hey   d u d e


    Güzel çiçekler için teşekkür ederim   canım kardeşim : )









    1. Nihal


      yw canim kardesim ^^


  16. Thank you  all my friend  , Happy my birthday  36 Gifts <3









    1. Valstein


      kanka sende gönder eklim senide :D

    2. Zabiru


      30 oluyor değil mi benimle :D 

    3. Valstein


      tmdır kanka hug


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  17. ''Tanrı gibi hükmedebiliyorsan zafer senindir. ''       V a l s ✟ e i n



    Acınmaktansa kıskanıImak daha iyidir.      Herodot






  18. i dont know , be limited http://prntscr.com/jmtobu <<<< this shape or just the inner part will change
  19. HELLO FRİENDS flag of all countries xat logo Power Name: logoflag Epic Power http://oi63.tinypic.com/2vj8mfm.jpg <<<<< http://oi67.tinypic.com/2nge615.jpg http://prntscr.com/jmtobu&nbsp; < <<<< this shape or just the inner part will change only interior design will change ,xat logo will not break the blue colored area will change the country flags
  20. Valstein


    target : against women's violence , this power is special to women , dedicated to victims of violence
  21. Valstein


    H E L L O F R İ E N D S a symbol of power against violence , as an additional feature the rainbow card Power Name : Pinkcard Limited : smiles showing women and 1 smile rainbow mix card http://oi64.tinypic.com/nl5wex.jpg http://oi67.tinypic.com/2ugduon.jpg this idea can be considered more against violence target : against women's violence , this power is special to women , dedicated to victims of violence
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