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  1. Valstein

    entry html5

    automatically kick after a certain time when it is active with the HTML5 it wants to say or he doesn't want to get into HTML5 my think LOL
  2. Both VaLstein (1501270623)
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHFYwMIF1A0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHFYwMIF1A0 VICTORYYY
  4. my aim here is to offer you to feel the real freedom , because you have to think about the prison environment, there is another life there, we can turn it into a prison environment. because it is not right to exclude a user from all pages because he writes bad words , FLIRT is official xat chat but why is Flirt not promoting right now? Have you ever thought about it? since it is a place where sexual flows + 18 ideas flow, it is not official but it does not serve as a page. I present the picture of BlackChat it with my design
  5. Enter : BLACKCHAT (when you are banned, such a message will come here is a secret chat area) , it offers an environment open to innovation , of course it is difficult to implement but when it is done it can offer people a new xat world
  6. Hello Friends ! We have a giant proposal for xat (banned users) Why should we open a new chat on xat ? 1. bad user accounts torch 2. number of non-compliant users 3. and there are many more reasons can we put banned users into prison ? I am sure that this topic will attract most people Blackchat , international banned chat area ( new xat banned chat room ) < what will this room be used for ? very simple , access to this room will be provided by prohibited users you will be allowed to access the official BlackChat page when banned in any xat chat room ,
  7. the name tag might be @valstein, but I think it might be something that the name used might be different so a name will be given to 1 person. @valstein, as on xat.com, nobody can open an account about this name.
  8. I added 3 alternative photos , and as you can see, entering symbols or some letters is not allowed , i think it should change https://prnt.sc/tfsiy4 , https://prnt.sc/tfsj7x . https://prnt.sc/tfsjci
  9. when I click on the power part of the banned user, the account changes with my name and does not show my powers https://prnt.sc/tec8fx should be seen normally https://prnt.sc/tecads
  10. Although I don't understand the problem very much , I think there is a problem for your language and I support you : )))
  11. elya  🍨  <3 @elya

    1. elya


      Girl Love GIF by RisuDong


      vals <3 @Valstein

    2. Valstein


      YUMMMYYYYY haha :D

  12. https://prnt.sc/tczhaq I turned the computer off and on yesterday and when I came back, the login option came, then 30 days held came This HTML5 problem ?
  13. I participate in the 4 in a row Championship! VaLstein (1501270623)
  14. i like this suggestion , he is making @iSanty
  15. I think it's too late, but this development is open to innovation
  16. Good idea biancaaa
  17. Valstein


    there may be stickers like this , flaming arrows
  18. Valstein


    HELLO EVERYONE I think it will be difficult to do but I do not think that anything will be impossible with HTML5 anymore I think that some images of the ancient city of Troy could turn into a power. I don't see historical and antique visuals on xat.com, do you think this should be done anymore? Why dont we do this ? Name: TROY Status: Limited (achilshield) , (hectorshield) , (parisbow) , (troyspear) , (troycastle) , (troyvase) , (troycoin) BONUS : (spartanship)
  19. Happy Birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday!

    1. Vevrok


      Thank yoooou <3

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