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  1. what you say is true but in this case it means xat.com selects 10 valuable users and ignores 100 low-income users. My main goal in this regard is to have a large number of users who cannot get id and to be able to organize an event according to them. 1 man buys 500 k xats per year for xat 100 men maybe get 10 k xats in total for xat , I think it is necessary to design this situation with different activities and as I said, the auction continues with different accounts of the same people.
  2. these numbers do not seem normal at all for a normal user, it seems to increase even more.
  3. VaLsteiN


    Thank you , i did update
  4. VaLsteiN


    We can turn the hero of our childhood godzilla into a power xat now needs to build powers creative and dynamic Power Name = GODZILLA for HTML5 Stickers Limited Sticks decorated with fire effects When we move the mouse on the power it will turn into a giant creature and send fire
  5. In all auctions, the same people are bidding on the ID's. (I have been following for a long time) this kind of makes the rich richer and the poor poorer , Normal xat users or users who cannot afford such activities cannot enter this business, so we constantly watch the same people. We are waiting for a solution for this As xat people, maybe what I am defending is wrong but different events can be organized for low income users. We can change this situation with different organizations. this is a suggestion I think auction now has a function that works for the rich or for people with extremely high income we are need your help @Admin
  6. In this video I tried to show you how to bid on an auction briefly and simply, but you have to be careful with the rules. : )) Have fun
  7. i suggestions ids 4 digits 6161 , 1453 , 1071 8 digits 61616161 6 digits 616161
  8. How to send a ticket after watching this video you will have no problems!
  9. dont get this error but now wait 4 minute or 5 minute said for new power , i dont understand what is wrong ?
  10. Seeing you voluntarily is very expensive and valuable 


    Congr  mate!  Goodluck  @Stif

  11. Happy 29 October 1923  Turkish Republic Day





  12. 1 month ago I was looking in xat help and some users didn't know how to get tickles or couldn't , I think they can do it easier by watching such videos.
  13. I made a video about how to get a tickle , If you have a problem with this, you can watch it and see how it was received! You can choose the language you want from the language section. Have a good time!
  14. xat can choose the willing person for this job among the contributors , by a vote , you can think of it like xat referendum , for the first time , an administrator selected by xat users can be chosen for assistance this is just a suggestion : )))
  15. ''hunting while going hunting , I guess they call it'' rest in peace  (smirk)  ( is the word of the day)

    1. iSavage


      we're gonna hunt lewdbrat?

    2. VaLsteiN


      haha bro   i like this reply xD

  16. this problem has happened 2 times I dont think the problem is caused by this.
  17. Why did I encounter such a problem , why didnt I get the new power i m waiting for this 3 hours , how get buy new power , i dont know ? LOL Help pls
  18. this is not a complaint, I just want to know why active users are not rewarded here for years, or only users who are active for 1 hour and never come back are assigned there are many active users I know in the trade and none of them are in charge
  19. I have been in business for so many years and as a result of my observations, some users have been acting as moderators even though they have never been traded. I wonder why users who do not come here are moderators instead of users who are constantly in the trade in the morning and evening. **staff names removed** , almost inactive users I think that only those who are moderators should be real users of the trade , It is interesting to choose inactive ones while there are constantly active users Thx: )) @Admin
  20. xat and forum are not independent of each other , here is a chat platform for me
  21. Hi, In the forum you can add accounts we are married and bff BFF or Married can be put here automatically ,
  22. i m ready for the game and you ?
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