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  1. this is not a complaint, I just want to know why active users are not rewarded here for years, or only users who are active for 1 hour and never come back are assigned there are many active users I know in the trade and none of them are in charge
  2. I have been in business for so many years and as a result of my observations, some users have been acting as moderators even though they have never been traded. I wonder why users who do not come here are moderators instead of users who are constantly in the trade in the morning and evening. **staff names removed** , almost inactive users I think that only those who are moderators should be real users of the trade , It is interesting to choose inactive ones while there are constantly active users Thx: )) @Admin
  3. xat and forum are not independent of each other , here is a chat platform for me
  4. Hi, In the forum you can add accounts we are married and bff BFF or Married can be put here automatically ,
  5. i m ready for the game and you ?
  6. good luck to everyone in the game
  7. H a p p y  B i r t h d a y   S a r a  

  8. Valstein


    example, corona virus is currently on the world agenda , new smiles can be added to teach people about masked hugging. there are expressions that can create lots of hug expressions when you think
  9. Valstein


    it was just a suggestion about the html5 version , I think it can be a power that suits the collection category.
  10. Valstein


    I want to submit new proposal on collecting powers , I wanted to suggest a strength on some hug visuals There are 32 powers in the hug category , we will either superhug all of them or only those ending with hug 32 or choirhug , fireworkshug ,lovehug , sleighhug , summerhug I think we can create more effective expressions about hugging in this category. or designing new expressions out of 32 powers
  11. thanks for the enjoyable game @Abrahan
  12. New  Forum  very good look ::p

  13. " Don't waste your time looking back.

                    You 're not going that way... "

  14. what ı m talking about is an event held on the same day every year on the same dates is a traditional xat competition. Iı m telling you something else, youre saying something else and 2 or 3 digit id is not a mandatory rule, 6 7 digits or not this is a contest result
  15. ''Evil's shakes but never falls from his throne''     Λ  (smirk)

  16. Please keep your bad suggestions to yourself, then for later ,more LATERRRR
  17. this is not a joke, the day is the day of solidarity of the people
  18. as you can see there are too many unused ids Why doesnt xat hold a competition every year ? There is a lot of game power in xat and we have official game chat https://xat.com/game?new Winners can be rewarded with an id or powers every year due to the opportunity of a traditional xat contest auction is in a position that mostly serves the rich , so people can have a chance to win id or powers here by playing games and having fun what are your ideas ?
  19. shhhh superhero girls coming :D xd
  20. I know how to design, just not interested , I did this in 10 minutes LOL
  21. Thanks brother nice post : )) I had a sticker hero idea for xat designs for HTML5
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