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  1. New  Forum  very good look ::p

  2. " Don't waste your time looking back.

                    You 're not going that way... "

  3. what ı m talking about is an event held on the same day every year on the same dates is a traditional xat competition. Iı m telling you something else, youre saying something else and 2 or 3 digit id is not a mandatory rule, 6 7 digits or not this is a contest result
  4. ''Evil's shakes but never falls from his throne''     Λ  (smirk)

  5. Please keep your bad suggestions to yourself, then for later ,more LATERRRR
  6. this is not a joke, the day is the day of solidarity of the people
  7. as you can see there are too many unused ids Why doesnt xat hold a competition every year ? There is a lot of game power in xat and we have official game chat https://xat.com/game?new Winners can be rewarded with an id or powers every year due to the opportunity of a traditional xat contest auction is in a position that mostly serves the rich , so people can have a chance to win id or powers here by playing games and having fun what are your ideas ?
  8. shhhh superhero girls coming :D xd
  9. I know how to design, just not interested , I did this in 10 minutes LOL
  10. Thanks brother nice post : )) I had a sticker hero idea for xat designs for HTML5
  11. why not create a hero , we need a hero we can create a smiley hero symbolizing xat , I think the idea of creating a hero with xat powers made so far is nice briefly design a hero with some done xat powers. Of course there will be male and female versions , this is just a sketch
  12. If the store price will be 300, of course
  13. they don't do it for the big , why should it be made for stoneage? There are people who collect it I suggested this but nobody agrees
  14. 12 coca cola here 85 TL
  15. I encountered so many details today, this is one of them , why dont we make collections as double It may take time to search for them one by one to be able to sell them in the trade. Isnt it better to trade 10 super halloween powers at the same time when we click on it? Allhallows Carve Creepy Halloscroll Halloween Halloween2HorrorMuertosTrickortreatWitch I present my opinion in favor of putting it at the same time , I think all of them can be added when we click automatically
  16. I was just selling superhalloween , although I have halloscroll and muertos, it was not visible when I type in the search field. I dont know what's wrong , I think there is bug in this part
  17. seems more reasonable what you said, i think they should do it
  18. Why cant we learn names more practically , Do we have to go to the wiki to see the names ? Dont we have a chance to see these 14 names when we command the bot? So can we see more practically when we ask for their names I want to say?
  19. you misunderstood what I said , If it continues like this, big will continue to go up because it never falls down, it increases constantly , the users who collect it are aware of this, they are constantly collecting it because it is unique and rare. That's why I offered him a fixed price , I dont think it will ever fall down
  20. That's what I mean when I say unlimited , if its price will continue to rise disproportionately because of its rarity , I think 50 or 70 k can be renewed unlimitedly because the most disproportionate price I've ever seen seems to be high
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