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  1. I think it's too late, but this development is open to innovation
  2. Valstein


    there may be stickers like this , flaming arrows
  3. Valstein


    HELLO EVERYONE I think it will be difficult to do but I do not think that anything will be impossible with HTML5 anymore I think that some images of the ancient city of Troy could turn into a power. I don't see historical and antique visuals on xat.com, do you think this should be done anymore? Why dont we do this ? Name: TROY Status: Limited (achilshield) , (hectorshield) , (parisbow) , (troyspear) , (troycastle) , (troyvase) , (troycoin) BONUS : (spartanship) PAWN : (troyhelm) for pawn (princesscrown) for pawn
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    1. Vevrok


      Thank yoooou <3

  6. I participate in the 4 in a row Championship VaLstein (1501270623)
  7. Congratulations!  @Luana

    1. Luana


      Thank you!!  

  8. it can be a game, who can destroy the sand castles fastest mutual , xat powers can be used in this game which power can cause the most devastating damage for example angry power + 10 damage demon + 5 damage this changeable skull - 5 damage can be added not just like this but with different features my opinion is like this : )))
  9. Happy Birthday Mate !   for a lifetime  : ))

    1. Nathan


      Thank you! :) 

  10. this power for @Maverick haHAha Good power : )
  11. H  A  P  P  Y     B  I  R  T  H  D A  Y     @DjCrazy


    download.thumb.png.f6a19f10e939a00df06768015c99559c.png                          download.thumb.png.f6fdc8887a37dc0233c237bf0fde8724.png




    Doğum günün Kutlu Olsun Nice Mutlu Yıllara  CRAZY : )))


    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you (hug)

  12. Valstein


    the subject is updated I think it is a colorful power that can be done for HTML5 ,I am waiting for your comments
  13. there is nothing we can't do if we struggle and insist and If the proposal is accepted, the questions you ask are determined at the next stage. Who would determine who gets the pawn? How would it be determined? What’s the criteria? What is the overall point of it?
  14. the goal here is not to choose famous people on social media, but to reward the existing user in xat.com
  15. Good idea brother !
  16. As it is known, there were previously Famous or Blue (Celebrity) colored pawns, and the people who were entitled to get it were usually famous people using such social media like Twitter, Instagram Facebook, Youtuber. i think xat users have the right to ask for it I have 2 types of formulas here : first formula : I believe that people who are well known in xat should be entitled to receive it, even among voters who can be made in the form of voting. ( for Cyan pawn) second formula : here, a new pawn color can be selected, only available to well-known users from xat. that is, users who are famous in xat.com If we can not use Cyan, I suggest making a new Pawn color and I offer this to be used by famous people in xat.com thanks everyone
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