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  1. Happy Birthday @VaLsteiN!


    1. Mihai


      Happy birthday brother, @VaLsteiN good health, happiness. (hug)


      Sorry for delay.  :$



  2. Happy Birthday Dancing GIF by Just  Dance 

    Happy birthday bro


  3. Happy Birthday!
    @VaLsteiN                      @VaLsteiN


     @VaLsteiN                       @VaLsteiN

  4. Happy Birthday Val!

  5. Happy birthday, Vals! Enjoy your day. 

  6. Happy birthday my lover (toj)(hug)

    Happy Birthday GIF by MOODMAN

  7. Hi baby ,good night sweet dreams i love you so much(blowkiss)@ Valstein

  8. i dont have super collection powers but i have all and all users https://prnt.sc/10fiogd , https://prnt.sc/10fippt seems active on all accounts
  9. the price of power is 30 - 40 xats kicks me as I want to buy it as 10 xats When will you say stop this injustice? The price of limited powers is constantly changing I don't see any meaning when you do this I see a dictator officer here kick are just for me working ? they why dont kick she for shut up ?
  10. @Miel

           🌷     🌷   🌷  /\/\  🌷   🌷   🌷

    las direcciones de las olas cambian al Vals

    de repente tus ojos en mi corazón cobran vida 

    mariposas se cruzan en su camino 

    reman en vano

    la vida ha robado lo que amas

    pero tan verde como la rosa que abre sus hojas

    lindos ojos de mejillas rojas son un viaje al cielo

    el amor es para dos

    o se matará

    o un ser querido

    los recuerdos se desvanecieron para siempre ahora

    lo recordarás en tus sueños más profundos

    como dos extraños

    amarlo siempre en la noche  

    te amo tanto mi diosa.. ^.^







    1. Miel


      Que bello poema y especial para mi :$gracias amor Vals

  11. Hello Guys we can only create a pawn power that symbolizes certain animals , pawns can be designed to figure animal heads I'm talking about a permanent pawn power I'm talking about an epic power where we can put the popular animal head part For example, the wolf and the eagle are a figure that has been used a lot since the beginning of mankind. and dragon If you have opinions, please specify
  12. this problem still persists i have no idea why it is caused i am using opera is still the same and i guess it is broken in code sometimes in my color code it happens like this https://prnt.sc/10bd71x I'm logging in but it doesn't change
  13. i m using two Opera , one is normal other Oper GX I don't want to clear the history because I have too many saved addresses and open accounts
  14. I logged in 10 times I must have done so, but it always happens like this. I told him to login, he said he did it too, but he's always like this.
  15. why sometimes the powers we put in trading don't show up https://prnt.sc/10aolby I put it, he doesn't see the power I put this mistake is very strange we have difficulties in trading
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