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  1. @Lunala

    It's like a road in the fall  you sweep clean pak, then the road is once again covered with dried leaves. You do not have to get out of the room, just keep sitting on the duvet and listen. Do not even listen, just wait. Do not even wait, be really calm and alone. The world will freely offer itself to you. There is no other choice to escape from the mask, it will roll in awe


                                                                                                                                                   K a r l    F r a n z

  2. 🌷  🌸  🌹  🌺   🌻  🌼   💐   @Lunala


    Most of the people are afraid of loving because they are afraid of loosing

    He is afraid of being loved, for he doesn't deserve to be loved

    He's afraid to think, because it will bring responsibility

    Afraid to speak, for fear of being criticized

    He's afraid to express his feelings, because he's afraid to be rejected

    afraid of getting old , for not knowing the value of your youth

    He was afraid of being forgotten ,  because he can not give good things to the world

    and he is afraid of dying because he doesn't know how to live




    İnsanların çoğu kaybetmekten korktugu için, sevmekten korkuyor.

     Sevilmekten korkuyor, kendisini sevilmeye layık görmediği için.

     Düşünmekten korkuyor, sorumluluk getireceği için.

     Konuşmaktan korkuyor, eleştirilmekten korktuğu için.

     Duygularını ifade etmekten korkuyor, reddedilmekten korktuğu için.

     Yaşlanmaktan korkuyor, gençliğinin kiymetini bilmediği için.

     Unutulmaktan korkuyor, dünyaya iyi birşey vermediği için.

     Ve ölmekten korkuyor aslında yaşamayı bilmediği için.




  3. 🦋 🕊️  Life is as short as the life of a butterfly Life is as infinite as love







  4. E l v i s     is a very epic death   :'( 





  5. H E L L O F R İ E N D S xat is a completely tutorial game , all the chats register is a game of detailed tutorials on everything powers this is not a video , be a simulator style game can be sold as part of the first stage, not overly detailed we must complete the assigned tasks (Sample) people can learn better by playing themselves , we need to design it very well xat can be self promotional ad new users (game for everything in xat) my thoughts take a series of episode style (free or powers) NOTE : this is a guide game
  6. Valstein

    Robots or 4242 (Power )

    HELLO FRİENDS innovation is needed now , robots need to be active , technology is developing very fast the power I'm talking about here is just an idea , I think we can achieve this in a phased manner ( main figure ) the main figure needs to be a robot 1 Drone 2 Tank 3 UAV 4 Classic 5 NASA 6 Helicopter and more more ideas can be produced about it , it could be space vehicles
  7. Valstein


    A L E best of drawing , very good
  8. Valstein

    New Moderator: LaFleur

    Congratulations bro
  9. 💔............................................do you love my heart ?   👫  01/07/....

  10. Valstein

    Next Epic (Rainbow)

    yes it can be flashrank feature
  11. Valstein

    what is the last movie you watched?

    Annihilation and Cloverfield Paradox
  12. Valstein

    Next Epic (Rainbow)

    HELLO FRİENDS the next epic pawn might be the rainbow of power , different styles @Dann Sample : colored pawn style Danns style
  13. I miss you so much  @Lunala     💃 🏃      👫





  14. @Lunala


    This is my dream world , very but very epic 





    you should watch the movie and just answer  (Annihilation 2018)


    do you feel such an end ?



    1. Leandro


      Man, you sure do not give up. I want to be like you when i grow up

    2. Lunala


      can u just off

  15. Valstein

    Mafia (Gangster)

    Good idea and i wait weapon powers