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  1.  I f   l o v e   i s    a s    c o l o r f u l   a s    a    d a i s y ,    i t   i s   a s    p a i n f u l  a s  a  r o s e


     ( Aşk bir papatya  gibi rengarenk  ise bir o kadar da  güllerin  dikeni kadar  acı  verici )



                          stay with me forever pls ,  I really love you  ,  I can't forget you .. : (    







  2. i miss  you  Prenses 




  3. Favorite Xat Vol?

    My favoruite is @Valstein
  4. Whoever posts last wins!

    @Lunala Prenses
  5. Whoever posts last wins!

    one day we will be together forever one day we will be together forever
  6. Yes or No

    No you are Faithful ?
  7. You must like   


                                                            L o y a l t y     ,

                                                            F r e e d o m  ,

                                                            İ n f i n i t y  ...

  8. Yes or No

    No, Do you believe God ?
  9. Yes or No

    Yes did you want to live in Turkey ?
  10. Yes or No

    Yes Yes Yes are you going to marry me at Christmas night ?
  11. hold my hand 



    we will run with you freedom  



     maybe we live for it  



    eyes of blue butterfly



    we will die and we will win  Forever ...                                                   

    1. Lunala
    2. Valstein


      love is a life in every sense , think about how we will live it ,  I will teach you true love



      we will be together . . .

      it is ironic  because God sees love


    very very very bad because same powers bad system
  13. where my  princess ?

  14. BabyDragons

    Next power Dragon i m wait and black : (