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  1. Hello to any xat forum volunteer I am asking here on forum if the username Marq< can be realesed again to re-register. I made the account in other location (Las Vegas) and I am wondering if I can re register the account. I forgot the email and password to this account. I am just wondering if I can re-register it with a new email and pass, as I will be using it daily here on forum and on xat website. I last logged into it around 2-2.5 weeks ago when I was out of town. I already made a ticket on xat ticket however a volunteer told me to ask on here for the help. If anyone can get back to me on this would be great thank you.

  2. Good evening to any xat Volunteer, I am having trouble logging in to my xat account. I had google authenticator set up for my account on my iPhone, however I deleted the app and now when i tried to relogin and redownloaded the app i keep getting an error message. Please set the clock on your device, GMT TIME ERROR 33. THEN IT GIVES ME an error code 35 saying the code is invalid. I need a volunteer to please help me open a ticket to help me resolve this situation, because my account has much of my xat powers on it and I am trying to regain access to it and continue to use xat and purchase the powers that I am now missing. I now cannot get a correct authenticator code because of this. Thank you for your understanding. 

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