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  1. Hello xat staff I am writing to let you know my account is currently locked and I have requested to unlock it. I have an open ticket
  2. Hi sydno I have importanrt information of my user account.

  3. Xtinguishor

    xat User Xtinguishor (1496749855)

    Good morning xat staff. This morning I logged into my account to realize that I had all my powers missing and my xats. I had 27.000 xats and 1.600 days (plus everypower). I need help on retrieving this important amount from my account thank you.
  4. Xtinguishor

    "Lost Authenticator Code"

    Good evening to any xat Volunteer, I am having trouble logging in to my xat account. I had google authenticator set up for my account on my iPhone, however I deleted the app and now when i tried to relogin and redownloaded the app i keep getting an error message. Please set the clock on your device, GMT TIME ERROR 33. THEN IT GIVES ME an error code 35 saying the code is invalid. I need a volunteer to please help me open a ticket to help me resolve this situation, because my account has much of my xat powers on it and I am trying to regain access to it and continue to use xat and purchase the powers that I am now missing. I now cannot get a correct authenticator code because of this. Thank you for your understanding.

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