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  1. MarlonM

    Yes or No

    Of course, gotta look good Do you like protein shakes?
  2. MarlonM

    Yes or No

    They're cute yes lol, Have you ever traveled somewhere outside your own country?
  3. MarlonM

    Yes or No

    Yes! Do you like this?
  4. MarlonM

    Pizza game

    Yeah I don't wanna eat this pizza anymore lol........ BBQ chicken
  5. MarlonM

    Yes or No

    I don't know you but yes How about me? Do you like me?
  6. Wear white and black stripes t-shirt cause it goes with everything Would you rather be the richest guy in the world and be really really stupid or be really poor and become the smartest person in the world?
  7. MarlonM

    Yes or No

    Yes I like sloths Do you like Spanish food?!
  8. Sup guys! The title saids it all! Name something that you would do if all crime were legal for ONE hour! Go!
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