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  1. First i was thinking that you get Contributor, but Wiki Editor, "weery" well done (y) Keep it up and you can go much more higher!
  2. I was just searching some interesting new chats on the google and found xat.com, it was 2009 october i think. So i made my account and in the beginning it felt interesting and fun. After a few months i quit and came back later (2010 maybe). Somehow i found Doodlerace chat and stayed there until the end. Then i went different places and found Help chat, Game chat and a few others.
  3. I havent seen that show but i like the page, seems like Ubuntu/Linux command line
  4. freemad

    Yes or No

    Yes. Do you like "THE SEA"?
  5. If i remember right my id starts with 100 but it's 10 digits and it does'nt cost much.
  6. Not bad, i may be the first one who is going to buy that power (redface)
  7. Nice, i like "Guess the retro song"
  8. freemad

    Yes or No

    50/50 Do you like coca-cola?
  9. freemad

    Yes or No

    No. Do you like Kevin Costner?
  10. Not a bad idea, but i store all my pictures in my computer in special folder
  11. It seems like it's been like this since the beginning or am i wrong?
  12. Hallo Manc, long time no see bro :d

    1. Menc


      Hey freemod, yeah really long :o :d


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