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  1. Congratulations Stah

    First i was thinking that you get Contributor, but Wiki Editor, "weery" well done (y) Keep it up and you can go much more higher!
  2. What chat did you start out on?

    I was just searching some interesting new chats on the google and found xat.com, it was 2009 october i think. So i made my account and in the beginning it felt interesting and fun. After a few months i quit and came back later (2010 maybe). Somehow i found Doodlerace chat and stayed there until the end. Then i went different places and found Help chat, Game chat and a few others.
  3. Mr Robot

    I havent seen that show but i like the page, seems like Ubuntu/Linux command line
  4. Good luck

    Good luck
  5. Yes or No

    Yes. Do you like "THE SEA"?
  6. Buy ID

    If i remember right my id starts with 100 but it's 10 digits and it does'nt cost much.
  7. Suggestion (Gym power).

    Not bad, i may be the first one who is going to buy that power (redface)
  8. Themed Weeks at Game

    Nice, i like "Guess the retro song"
  9. Yes or No

    50/50 Do you like coca-cola?
  10. Yes or No

    No. Do you like Kevin Costner?
  11. Stored/Preferred profile pictures.

    Not a bad idea, but i store all my pictures in my computer in special folder
  12. Transfer Dialog update

    It seems like it's been like this since the beginning or am i wrong?
  13. Hallo Manc, long time no see bro :d

    1. Menc


      Hey freemod, yeah really long :o :d


  14. Yes or No

    No. THE END!