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  1. I understand you very well, but they are looking at the chat records and yet they remain silent, such people should be banned indefinitely. Racism is a sensitive issue for us I witnessed that the authority was seriously broken. sorry to say that xat staff should give the necessary warning to the main owner or ask her to ban them unlimitedly
  2. Despite being warned many times, this user continues to behave racistically towards Kurdish users in this room. "kurds" peoples racist Please do not keep silent on this matter and make an effort to have it banned unlimitedly. he main owner continues her non-commenting attitude on this subject
  3. You can look at the logs "sohbet" Subject to less than 24 hours
  4. hello stif, I see that the person running that chat room is far away on such matters. He is not even active all the time, he visits once a week. and 30 minutes only.
  5. Hello my friends, today we are faced with an injustice. I wanted to explain this to you. a chatroom manager, I don't know which manager she is, she hid herself while banning me I briefly describe the injustice done by a manager, ignoring her friend's family swearing. My only offense is to argue, but for some reason I was banned for a long time Do you think this is fair environment management? screenshots proving the incident
  6. current name me "SiyahOda" is it possible to happen ? I want to short name "icadiyeli" I want it to be canceled "siyahoda" or swap both 8 letter...
  7. hello, there I searching, but i couldn't find (flag#wnato) ? maybe create a new flag ? maybe
  8. hello there, a terrible incident yesterday, I wanted to share with you. I translated myself, moderator turkish chat, > removed < all chechking photos > removed <
  9. Hello all I can be reached the quickest via forum message, or by coming to ARCBots and speaking with any user owner rank or higher. price 120 k CEMM (190303) **** KaranlikLordx (998986455)
  10. Hello all sell (1010201) I can be reached the quickest via forum message, or by coming to ARCBots and speaking with any user owner rank or higher. price 50k xats My current account is KaranlikLordx (998986455)
  11. why dont answr me

  12. Hi Guys and volunteers my friend's account has been deleted for 2 years, more before but we didn't get a result. There were powers within some of the precious namecolor as, you want your account to open can you help we ? and I don't know why the account is closed, we are in a difficult and situation waiting for your reply as soon as possible Do we have a chance to open EypioYarram (1500606984) is register name account and mail <removed> What is our crime?
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