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  1. hello before 45 days ago i open a two ticket because I've got error 55 on my both reg and there is no one answer for now please i need to know what's going on that's the first time i got this error i need help why nobody answer for now at least they should let me know why i got this error
  2. Is there hope for the return of the account ?? Or is this a final decision?
  3. Thank you for your reply How do you know the name of the volunteer And how they are communicating with him ??
  4. Open ticket on 18 / 6 / 2016 Not answered yet I do not know the reason for the block on the account I have not committed any violations So the store can not buy it ُError 32 This is a picture of the ticket http://prntscr.com/bnth4r Is this delay normal ? Please help me I do not want to lose my account I spent a lot of money my id : 10000052 name : wrda Please consider the matter and thank you very much
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