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  1. Hello good evening everyone. I have a problem is that from the 01.10.2015 day my ID: Konejithoow was blocked because of Ticklet and change Internet provider. Because when trying to open a ticket tells me: "Return to login on xat-chat". And also to create it by incognito window says: "It has reached the maximum number of tickets". There were attempting to create one but I did not need help I want my ID, I can provide more details to the Staff, Admin or Volunters only.
  2. It would be great to have a power like that!
  3. It is very good idea a throne for the king and a horse which can be combined with Smiles! Long live the king!
  4. Es una buena idea para crear sonrisas con reyes, reinas, príncipes y similares. Me gusta bastante su sugerencia para el poder! Esperamos a ver lo que dice @Ryan . Of course it would be nice to be a Smile medieval type and it has been suggested since there have been many Powers of this kind!
  5. Hello, good to everyone. Post do this with the idea of suggesting a power: ¿What brings smiles? - Name: King - Smiles to take: Smile Pawn suggestion:
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