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  1. Dad


    What is considered hardwork then? Explain to us the process of checking xat.
  2. Dad


    ??? Might as well reconsider the term 'volunteer' at this point.
  3. This is the new "Good Luck".
  4. Why are you suggesting the same thing twice?
  5. Pokémon Go and YOU! This thread is used for: Sharing tricks and tips that you know and others may not. Bragging about your 1,480 cp Dragonite. Sharing any easter eggs. Informing people of recent changes, updates or events. Sharing and or ranting about frustrating bugs (or bugs in general). Questions and answers regarding the game. Sharing Pokémon GO dank memes. Anything Pokémon GO related.
  6. I honestly think posting 'good luck' in SOME threads in the Contests & Events section is fine. But for the Suggestions section, where people post "good idea" or "good suggestion" is not. Suggestion section is supposed to be a place to post ideas so that it CAN be discussed, giving positive feedbacks or negative criticism; saying 'good idea' is not feedback, if you don't explain as to why you think it is good. But for threads like this, where you inform users of certain events/contests, saying "good luck and have fun" is fine. But for other threads such as
  7. Can we do this for suggestions too, where comments are just like "good suggestion" or "nice idea"? (BTW, half of the new contributors do this, guess they contribute by being sheep and the other half don't even use the forums).
  8. Congratulations to the new contributors, just curious but who decides the contributors? Do people recommend the contributors on the secret forum section? (I wouldn't know because I'm not a volunteer!)
  9. Dad

    dank meme

    1. Karl


      fank u i specialize in the production and reproduction of dank memes lol


  10. What is the point of this thread? We can't vote on something we don't understand nor have context on. Storing messages were disabled for a reason, which as you say, is classified, so without knowing why something is done, we can't vote. No idea why 14* people voted yes without knowing why something was implemented in the first place, are we in the UK? Brandon isn't willing to reveal these 'classified' reasons, then what are you doing besides using the community to cause trouble for him? /throwaway account
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