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  1. thanks to all :( but it's not my bday I forgot change it

  2. Chica fitness where are you!?

    1. Camii


      I am in your heart, mami.:$

  3. I want back 10 years ago and remember this like before 😋

    1. Mystic


      yeah I understand what feeling you have xat was very active back then.

  4. Entro a xat y veo a @xLaming (annoyed)





  5. Who plays lol? My acc is iFiona(sman)

    1. Shizuo


      what server 

    2. DjCrazy


      my twin <3

  6. Buen trabajo, me alegro que Mundosmilies siga manteniéndose 😊 De todos modos creo que es una pena que nadie valore el esfuerzo que se ha dedicado durante mucho tiempo... Saludos y ahora entraré para verlo por mis propios ojos jaja
  7. 😴😴😴

    1. Bau


      Fionaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (hi)(blowkiss)

    2. DjCrazy


      My twin(blowkiss)

    3. Bau
  8. Felicidades guapa! :$

    Te extraño (wailing)

    1. Camii


      buuuuuu!!!! im here baby

  9. Thank you all for the congratulations, but it was a mistake.

    My birthday is in March hehe (toj)

    1. Maxo


      in march :o so why we congratulated you before ? (meh)(toj) 

    2. Fiona


      😂😂😂 Idk

      I think it was a mistake hehehe

  10. Hello to anyone, I want to wish you a happy new year 2019.

    I have tried to connect to the computer but it is impossible for now, I am working hard to live.

    I miss you, but I have to focus on real life.

    I hope see you soon ❤️






    And more....

    Love all ❤️


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DjCrazy


      I love you all and happy new year for all of us ❤️




    3. Booh


      @Fiona Hi good morning, how are you? I miss you a lot, merry christmas and a prosperous new year. Success on your journey.

    4. Booh


      @DjCrazy What I wrote is for you too.

  11. I have read all this topic and I totally agree with Echo. I have not been in chat for a long time but I think that if you are a chat manager you have to be there and help. I personally like Addict and I think he deserves to be the new main.

    I hope there are surprises today like the last year......

    (I want to see the big power in store, hehe (sman))

    @Admin I love you

    1. DjCrazy


      I also hope my twins.

      @Admin  has always been very generous, why not .(blowkiss)

  13. I'm lazy to get online........ 

  14. This is for me 🍫🍫🍩🍩🍦🍿🍿🍧🍨🍟

    1. Exin


      and for me 8-)


    2. Fiona


      Hahaha hahaha 

  15. Fiona


    Fiona (81926573)
  16. Fiona

    513 EYEEYE

    (eyekawaii) (suspicious)
  17. Hola buenos días, Antes de nada te aconsejo que te informes bien acerca de la compra de xats y days: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Resellers/es La única forma segura de comprar xats es a través de la página oficial de xat, en este caso xat.com/buy Lamento que hayas perdido tu dinero y powers pero aquí no vas a solucionar nada, como te ha dicho Stif lo único que puedes hacer es enviar un email a info@xat.com
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