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  1. Hello. I do not understand why you will not help me. I do not know who's running my ticket. Rida told me to keep Brandon: http://prntscr.com/bnyh7j So to ask Brandon to listen to me I sent a ticket for lost auth. But I got the answer from Ride the Chat-in to my acc forever held, as allegedly because on my acc stolen all. It's not true I've earned by doing 3D and 4D images. I'm telling you the truth, I hardly earned. so if you can give me back. If I had not hardly earned would not have asked this of you, but the value is only 12 000 Thanks..
  2. Hello .. I lost a Auth Code. My Mobile is restart. Please clear my Authenticator. Im say the ticket and im not a give reply , im wait 4 days. Please read and help me. Thanks volunteers / moderator /
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