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  1. I have in that department was another matter. I got help. But a few minutes later I noticed the problem and continued to write there.
  2. I write in Lost account its ok ? <Personal info removed> Just dont open new ticket /
  3. Hello . Please help me . I want to buy today. I wrote Account held. You cannot buy. In chat asistence http://prntscr.com/bxem0y .Please help me. I have ticket (ticket id Ticket #19395853 ) all voulonters ignore my ask . Please help me/ Have this problem 14 days .
  4. I can not write a ticket. I wrote there that refer to the forum. <removed>
  5. Hello . I ask your help. I can not log into your account, as it has changed the password. I wrote a ticket 674446848 on this occasion but no one answers. I beg you to help me. I can not restore access to the Account. I pass http://xat.com/lostpass. I am writing to address E-mail <removed> I wrote System problem (Sorry ID was not found.). Please try later, sorry. E46 Pls help me. id 311820856 I ask your help I'm waiting and crying already more than half a month
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