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  1. I feel as though if this wasn't a power, it would need to be a separate toggle to the audies toggle. This is because some people may not want to hear the constant sounds of the main chat (because if you turn off that toggle you also turn off the private chat's sound too) and only be after a private chat's response.
  2. I'm curious to know if it is possible to make a power where it only notifies or makes a noise when someone private chat's or PC's you something personally and not formally and openly on the group chat. I feel like this power will be very efficient as a lot of users will be doing something else in the meantime whilst they wait for their "special" person to reply back to their message. This power will be beneficial and should be pretty straight forward. No idea on the price of it but I feel like this is a good idea.
  3. I need some assistance figuring out why I am getting this error. I feel like it is accidental and I hope that it can be resolved soon. It does not tell me when it will be finished, but I have made a ticket as well as sent messages to volunteers/admins, all of which have not been replied to. Need help thanks,
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