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  1. hello good afternoon I have stolen and send a ticket and volunteers instead of helping me have blocked me so I can not buy or trade, transfer can you help me please solve my problem? a and already send ticket and screenshots and do nothing
  2. I want to talk to him directly I do not know that part of that I want to talk to him directly has not been understood
  3. for what? to ask for information if what I want is to talk to him and give a solution to my robbery
  4. thanks manu for your help, but I did not leave the volunteers good of almost none of only one and I already have it tired with the same theme
  5. I'm sorry, manu, but I want him to contact me directly.
  6. Hello, good morning, sir, would you be so kind as to look at the message that I sent you, please? @Admin
  7. hola buenas noches @Blacky entonces por que motivo me acusaron de 3 cosas que eran inciertas y me dijieron los mismo voluntarios de que admin tiene las pruevas? pero me tuvieron mas de 2 años sin mi registro que tenia el everypowers y cuando me lo devolvieron me faltaba mas de 20 powers que tenia en aquel entonces y ya no los tengo? yo no pido nada que no sea mio solo solicito que se me mire mi tikeck y se me sea devuelto lo que es mio y que esas personas que me denunciaron y acusaron se le sea eliminado su registro por falsa denuncia y acusaciones
  8. hola fiona se que no lo acelerara pero solo pido una respuesta de algun voluntario de ticket ya que han sido eyos los que ha echo que yo pierda esos mas de 20 powers sin ser culpable de nada por que a varias personas le ha dado la gana de denunciarme con acusaciones falsas y pruevas falsas y esos culpables siguen tan tranquilo por xat.com y yo con una perdida de mas de 20 powers
  9. Hello good morning I would like to know why I have no answer to my ticket since the day 16/6 that I returned my registration I have no answer on why I was given my registration with more than 20 powers less in my registry when I left innocent of What I was accused Hola buenos dias quisiera saber por que no tengo ninguna respuesta a mi boleto desde el dia 16/6 que me devolvieron mi registro no tengo ninguna respuesta el por que me dieron mi registro con mas de 20 poderes menos en mi registro cuando yo sali inocente de lo que se me acusaba
  10. Miia I just ask that since I was sanctioned without having 5 nuinguna guilty that I return what is mine because they only blocked me and told me that I would wear it as I was and I had the everipowers
  11. Hello miia I was more than 2 years to solve some false accusations and to this day I have to return more than 20 powers that I have not been returned
  12. Isa I have pasted more than 2 years to recover my record and finally they have returned it supposedly told me they would give it to me as I lent it at the time of the blockade, and now I look at it and I am missing more than 60 powers that is Fair or unjust?
  13. I've already sent it and now that I have to wait for more than two years?
  14. I have already sent a ticket but I ask for an explanation to the volunteers of ticket the po that I have done that because of 359 powers have left me 337 powers if I have not done anything illegal that I was accused and if they left me to leave The account as I had it to me I lack more than 60 powers where are those powers?
  15. I would like the volunteers to respond to what has happened to me that without doing anything they will take away my powers that I have paid
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