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  1. Miia I just ask that since I was sanctioned without having 5 nuinguna guilty that I return what is mine because they only blocked me and told me that I would wear it as I was and I had the everipowers
  2. Hello miia I was more than 2 years to solve some false accusations and to this day I have to return more than 20 powers that I have not been returned
  3. Isa I have pasted more than 2 years to recover my record and finally they have returned it supposedly told me they would give it to me as I lent it at the time of the blockade, and now I look at it and I am missing more than 60 powers that is Fair or unjust?
  4. I've already sent it and now that I have to wait for more than two years?
  5. I have already sent a ticket but I ask for an explanation to the volunteers of ticket the po that I have done that because of 359 powers have left me 337 powers if I have not done anything illegal that I was accused and if they left me to leave The account as I had it to me I lack more than 60 powers where are those powers?
  6. I would like the volunteers to respond to what has happened to me that without doing anything they will take away my powers that I have paid
  7. I sent a ticket again but it is a shame that without doing anything first I block my registration and then I remove more than 60 powers
  8. Is that I have been given my registration after more than 2 years fighting for it and now they return it to me and they remove me more than 60 powers that it is not fair that without doing anything they take it away
  9. Hello, good afternoon, this message goes to the volunteers, it seems embarrassing to me that without doing anything, I got stolen powers because I've logged in and I do not have the first part of my registration when I leave it and now that I You gave me back. I gave it back without the powers I had. It's embarrassing and I ask that everything I had be returned.
  10. si he tenido respuestas pero efectivamente desde que demostre mi inocencia hasta dia de hoy ninguna respuesta y es de hace 1 mes
  11. siower si te vale de consuelo yo llevo para 2 años y medio por que me eliminaron mi registro y a dia de hoy estoy esperando respuesta por que ya demostre mi inocencia
  12. ya me acorde de la contraseña muchas gracias a tod@s por ayudarme
  13. I find it embarrassing to first accuse me of cloning an id after stealing and now to use a record they no longer know what to pull out so I can not return what is my record with the everypowers I had. But thanks Muffi for helping me to try to recover it, which is impossible because they are accusing me of something else when I have given the proof of payment and all my data and continue to accuse me
  14. and to steal my powers and eliminate me my check if?
  15. Hello good night I start contact with you again to see if Mr. bramdon could give me an answer to the elimination of my record I will accuse myself of clone an id which is impossible and answered everything asked me and it goes for 1 year what happened asinque please ask Mr. bramdon to look at my case and give me my check bone solution with all my powers