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  1. I don't know if those two things correlate but I know for a fact, that some volunteers put next to no effort into doing tickets. If they occasionally do some tickets, like how it is right now, the outcome results in having tickets delayed for 4 months, for a single reply, it isn't enough, period. I also said in the original post that this isn't a solution, but it's a step in the right direction. If we're being realistic, hiring an employee to do tickets isn't a solution, because admins will not do it. I would also encourage volunteers to make a reply and share their thoughts.
  2. It's that time of month again, where we complain endlessly about ticket delay times and nothing gets done, then we wait another month or two before another thread is made, then we repeat the cycle. But regardless, the fact remains that essentially nothing has been done to help the situation. It's been said so many times and we all know it, but ticket delay times are not acceptable. I also know that volunteers are busy and have a real life, I get it. However, it concerns me that volunteers remain volunteers for the sake of keeping the title. I wont name names due to witch-hunting reasons. But if you don't have time to do tickets, step down. I understand that it wont help the current situation, but it's a step in the right direction where were actively making changes. If nobody is willing to speak up when someone isn't pulling his or her weight and say, "if you don't do tickets, you will be removed as a volunteer", you're basically giving that person permission to keep doing nothing without consequences. The term volunteer we have on xat is misused, you are volunteering your times, yes, but you are selected as a volunteers, and so you're expected to do them. Because the reality of this situation is that so many people would volunteer their time if given the opportunity, but they're not and you are. Removing volunteers would encourage other volunteers who don't want to lose their title, to actually do tickets. It opens up the opportunity of having newer volunteers who are more motivated and have more time; by this I mean, if the loss of say, 2-4 volunteers doesn't force admins to do something, then I lose all faith in xat. I'm tired of seeing volunteers stay volunteer just for the title. I've watched so many users quit in the last year, but I still see volunteers who are clearly inactive, keep their tag and ticket times are still horrendous. xat is very community driven, powers are made by xat users, coding fixes are sent in by users, customer support/ticket is handled by users, the entire help service is ran by users. We as a community can make so much changes together. So can we please, actively try and do something? I've been using xat since 2008 and I would hate to see this service die. I know I complain a lot, but I really want to see positive changes. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, please do not call any volunteer out and keep the discussion civil. This topic is for serious replies only, so any comments that are trollish to be removed, if possible, thanks.
  3. You forgot to list, in my opinion, the biggest reason why users are leaving. Can you guess what that is? Ticket delay times. Having to wait 4 months just to be able to get into their account (or being able to trade) would make anyone leave. I'm pretty sure the only reason these users remain is because of the xats and powers they have on their account, you're effectively keeping them hostage..
  4. Mom

    439 KAWAII

    Side note, the power name was suggested before by Minerva, her thread can be found here: https://forum.xat.com/topic/474-i-would-suggest-new-power-kawaii/ Although it doesn't appear as if the power was heavily influenced or inspired by that suggestion thread, take it as you like.
  5. (kawaii) (kwbacon) (kwbowl) (kwcookie) (kwcup) (kwcupcake) (kwegg) (kwjam) (kwkettle) (kwpopcicle) (kwtoaster) k p1kawaii b p1kwbacon p p1kwpopcicle t p1kwtoast hug kawaii LIMITED
  6. It's quite sad to see a serious thread like this to get mocked and memed upon by the admins, especially with the amount of users in this thread wanting to see an actual response. xat is definitely declining in users compared to previous years, one of the primary reasons I would believe as to the reason for this is because of the lack of innovative changes, things just remain the same (an example of this can be seen looking at the screenshots dann provided), admins are partly at fault for this, for either having the inability to keep up with times or generally choosing not to, right now it appears to be the latter. So what has the admins been doing in the last year? Mobile Development Safer codes for xat.me and groups New powers (ruby, hugs, x2d, jinx) New trade option updates Mobile development It's great they are trying to branch out and try something new, but I don't think xat mobile will be the savior to xat, not at it's current rate. xat mobile still needs a lot of work before it's finished, at least a couple of years - by this time, I would imagine a lot of its user base would have already left with little increase of new users due to new services like discord becoming more popular and xat refusing to 'keep up with the times'. I don't think this should be the admin's number one priority (or at least this seems to be the case), especially with the problems we're facing right now. Safer codes for xat.me and groups This was a good additional to xat to prevent people from 'abusing it', but I have a feeling the reason this was added was not because admins wanted to improve xat but to cover it's backs from people exploiting it. New powers I respect smiley makers and understand that they make powers voluntarily, but the problem with this is the quality of the powers, the root cause of this is the fact that powers get released weekly and with the same low-end quality, users become tired of this and it becomes evident with trade prices. My solution to this is to create something that isn't powers but allows us to spend our xat and in turn, still generate an income for the admins that isn't based on releasing powers weekly. New trade option updates I'll give props to this addition, it's a nice improvement except still has a lot of issues with it like freezing when you addall, but it's a step in the right direction and xat should look to do more things like this (improving apps for example). So what should xat do? I think the main thing is get their priorities straight and work on xat itself, before trying to branch out to mobile, some of fundamental things can be improved and I've listed some: - having better categorizations for chatgroups, for example: gaming, sports, anime, movies, radios - aswell as having the ability to filter through them (to find common interest) - maybe a stretch but voice communication service, like live mode (keeping up with times) - more interactive games between users - I know it has been said countless times, but seriously decrease ticket times, 2-4 weeks isn't acceptable, I don't care how you do it, whether you decide to add more volunteers, move volunteers into other departments, hire someone, it has to be done - promoting features of xat, making users aware that they can promote their chat, chatbanners, buy shortnames (this can be done with the banner when it's not being used) - having daily surveys, to understand what customers like and or dislike Another idea would be to have joint-partnerships with other services so that they use xat chatrooms for their website but first, xat has to work on improving their core; the chatbox and the website. As much as everyone wants an official response from admins, I would much rather see their results in action rather than "we promise to work on things" with a soon™ slapped on. Hopefully this thread is enough to make admins open their eyes and realise that they need to do something now before it's too late, take initiative instead of waiting slowly for it to die, strive for long term goals instead of being satisfied with what you have right now because for sure, it wont last.
  7. Without targeting that single thread alone, nothing is wrong with adding extra('not unnecessary') information, even if it's not directly to what op asked of in his or her thread. If whatever they posted is irrelevant and off-topic, then fine. It isn't a punishment, but it sure feels like it. It's not constructive criticism at all, what you're effectively saying is, "you're wrong" with no other explanation, it would be fine in cases where you told the user what he did was wrong, or inform of them of the mis-hap of information. You may not think much of it, but you have to be more sensitive and think from the perspective of the users, do you really think they wont take it as an insult? I honestly don't agree with downvoting, if a user is giving wrong information, then tell him, you select the best and most accurate answer anyway, so it shouldn't confuse the user asking the question. This isn't like xat help chatroom, where you are expected to give an answer then move onto the next person who needs help, threads opened in the General Support section stays open a prologue time, it enables many users to share and contribute to the discussion in a longer period of time. It's not clear cut as just having the correct answer and only the correct answer, anything else is downvoted. And also, try and keep the replies somehow serious, should've put a [serious] tag on this thread title beforehand. I'll be replying tomorrow morning if necessary.
  8. To begin, because we haven't been given an explanation of how we should be using the voting system and hence why all this mess came-about. My set of rules would be, if you think the content contributes to the conversation or subject of the thread, upvote it. If you think it does not contribute to the thread in anyway or is off-topic, downvote it. This thread has dwindled into a chaotic mess, from a general discussion to pin-pointing what users did wrong. Take a step back and look at it as a whole, the section "General Supports" is for the community to help, it should be a section for people willing and wanting to help. Now what were to happen if you downvoted users who want to help, but might not have full knowledge on the subject, they wouldn't want to post again, and I don't know about you, but this isn't where we should be striving to go. You need to identify users clearly trolling and giving false information from those who want to help. Currently the "General Supports" section works as followed, users post answers and replies which contribute to the question or concern another user may have, then a volunteer who would be expected to know would choose the best answer (or in some cases, where they feel as if it's needed, post an answer themselves). This way the user seeking for help will already see the "best" answer, or the most correct one. Having further discussions in regards to the subject isn't a bad thing nor should it be downvoted. Seems highly suspicious to me that only recently, people started getting highly upvoted and downvoted, hopefully not done in spite. I don't know if it's possible, but I think downvoting should be removed, upvoting alone is fine. If someone is giving false information, they can be corrected or have their post removed entirely depending on how severe it is. But in most cases, people post correct information, just not directly to the question, which is still fine, because it contributes to the general discussion. It is separated at the end, hence why we have volunteers to select the best answer. Some answers may not be directly answering the questions, but it still contributes to the conversation as a whole, which is absolutely fine, it doesn't necessarily mean they are 'bad answers'. You have to understand that the section is used to provide support and help to the user, it does not necessarily mean you have to focus on answering the question alone, else be downvoted. It was obvious an answer was given already, but the other users expanded and added extra details even if they weren't directly answering the question, why downvote that? I wont go into that thread too much and keep this discussion as a whole. This is an absurd comment to make, what are you exactly learning through downvoting? You're being forced to conform to how users want you to answer, which just goes back to popularity. If a user gets downvoted without any explanation, how does that help anyone except discourage them from further usage of the section. I don't think anyone is complaining about being marked as the best answer, it's the polar opposite of being downvoted instead, even when the replies were correct in their own rights. I could argue that it's a good thing that users want to strive to earn ranks and recognition through helping people on the forum, as long as they put the effort in. As for deleting posts, not a good idea unless the reply is off-topic or in no way, contributes to the thread. The best answer marked may be the most correct in terms of answering the question posted by op, but it does not mean you can't post other relevant information without being downvoting. This would be true, if people were to be trusted to use the upvote downvote system properly and not solely based on how much you like or dislike a person, not saying this was the case, but it will most definitely happen in the future if we don't have a proper guideline on how to use the upvote/downvote system. In conclusion, volunteers need to come up with an official guideline on how to use the upvote/downvote system properly, for example, what should be upvoted and what should be downvoted? Then we should be discussing whether that guideline set in place is fair or not. Wont be replying till I get off work tonight.
  9. Exalt said it right you know, we can only put so many ids on the auction so unless you, or a friend has an interest in purchasing a certain id, avoid suggesting plain and empty ids for the sake of suggesting. Or if you believe the id has some significant to an event. Remember to double check if the ids are already taken too, just scrolling down I can see some ids suggested yet are registered and fairly active. But besides that, I'm looking forward to Black Friday and hope you guys are, not only on xat but in real life too!
  10. Mom

    Ticket System

    I don't understand how he hasn't received a reply in 9 months (unless he provided inaccurate information) and yet the moment he makes a complaint thread on the forum, an almost-instant reply from a volunteer, not to demean the system you have in place, but do tickets just get lost or what's up?
  11. It's ridiculous the amount of "oh you think it's that easy? lolz" from the volunteers in a mocking kind-of way. It's to be expected when the fact is, tickets are being delayed and users are complaining yet they don't take the time to properly write something more fitting, especially for an important issue like this, makes me question the maturity. It's no lie that the volunteers tend to keep things a secret, sometimes where appropriate but other times not so much, for example how the ticket system works shouldn't be kept as a secret, the amount of silly replies I see from the volunteers when regarding important issues like tickets is insurmountable. Which brings me onto the ticket function itself, the fact is like Christina said, users are getting tired of constantly nagging the volunteers to the point where it's off-putting, but is that the users fault? No. In response to: You're implying younger users have lower expectations which isn't fair, especially with what I said above about the current volunteers and their maturity. I agree largely with what Christina said in regards to volunteers chosen based on who you know and users impressions instead of what they should be. If the solution isn't get more volunteers, then you need to provide us with an alternative because the current system is causing users stress, pain and agony. Not just "be patient, volunteers are working hard" because that isn't enough anymore, it's obvious that the ticket system has flaws and reoccurring problems. You are the volunteers of xat, you essentially run the place -- make things happen instead of siting idly by waiting for someone else to. I'll reply tomorrow if needs be, going to bed.
  12. We need an option to move the gamebot to certain pools, for example today deals had a lot of trouble trying to play gamebot (to celebrate july 4th) because the gamebot kept going to the second pool; since the main pool was full. (Also xat_test had similar issues and had to result to kickall in order to get the gamebot into the main pool first). Oops, almost forgot /notsomuchthrowawayaccount
  13. Lots to talk about, I'll leave this post reserved and I will edit in my response. Looks like I'll reply tomorrow, it's late here and I want to watch game of thrones tonight so, have fun.
  14. It's nice to hear you are sentimental. But does that mean xat has to be too? No. Does that mean others are as sentimental as yourself? No. For some departments, sure they can be free; but for this circumstance in particular, no. I think most people underestimate the difficulty of solving a case of lost access, it's not just 'a few basic' questions, it takes a lot of time and effort; resources that xat probably lacks (criticism for xat but for another thread). Not only that, but we're talking about accounts worth nothing, why waste all the time and resources that xat clearly lacks on something worthless based on sentimental values only. In my post prior to this, I clearly said that changing 1,000xats is fine but when we're discussing accounts with zero value (ids excluded of course), there's no point.
  15. Some aspects I can agree on, for example sure, denying someone with an id that is clearly worth more than 1,000xats is unreasonable (for obvious reasons). But I'm ok with denying users if their account isn't worth anything, everyone is speaking as if they can't just make a new one, it literally takes minutes and being sentimental over a 'personal id' is just dumb, xat is a business not a friendship group, understand that. You are accountable for your other accounts, bare that in mind. Easiest solution is just don't lose your account? (Some may argue that there may perhaps be other variables that you can't control, but that isn't a problem for xat the company itself, it's literally in the terms and safety which you agree to when you register). Seems like the general consensus are the same, so hopefully this post might be worth something. I'm not saying that all users should be disregarding for not having 1,000xats, but it's all down to circumstances, right? Change things up, sure. But the idea of being paid to use a service, such as tickets is reasonable. /throwaway account
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