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  1. JesusIstheWay

    Favorite Xat Vol?

    @Brandon @Mike @muffins @Nick @Vale I believe these volunteers are my favorites for helping many users. Brandon's an incredible volunteer as a huge heart helping several people. Brandon has my respect and admiration. Mike's an authentic and sincere person. I like these kinds of people. This makes me believe that there are people who like to express their opinions. Besides treating everyone alike. Muffins's a humble person who helped me several times in Ticket issue. He's patient, a person who has an interest in helping people. Nick's a person I admire for being correct as far as I know. Vale to always treat things with responsibility and seriousness. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF ALL: BE HONEST.
  2. JesusIstheWay


  3. (hug)




    You're so cool, Muffins.

    1. muffins


      Thanks GetStrip5.php?c=S_c%23hug_18_18_c.png

      You're a pretty cool cat yourself (=

    2. JesusIstheWay


      :$ You're so cute. ^^''

  4. JesusIstheWay

    Congratulations Sevda!

    Hey! Congratulations to Sevda. She really deserves it. An honest, fair, good conduct and patient. I'm sure she'll do a great job. Arthur, congratulations on making a post to congratulate. Hugs.
  5. JesusIstheWay

    Yes or No

    Yes, five years ago. Are you afraid to fly?
  6. JesusIstheWay

    Changes to Forum Warning System

    Thank you for taking your time to answer. I still think that only administrators should have this power. Greetings.
  7. JesusIstheWay

    Forum Status

    A great suggestion. This shows if you are busy, online.
  8. JesusIstheWay

    Flag Kisses

    I support this idea. But should have a category so they could choose the teams in each country.
  9. JesusIstheWay

    Lemonade power

    Incrible. I didn't know there were people with so much talent.
  10. JesusIstheWay

    Turtle Power

    I liked it.
  11. JesusIstheWay

    Splash power

    That's cute. I liked.
  12. JesusIstheWay

    OceanProject is now Open source

    Very good.
  13. JesusIstheWay

    The Walking Dead

    The walking dead in my opinion is very annoying. Just zombies. Don't have a cool story. All monotonous and without salt.
  14. JesusIstheWay

    What do you think of Pokemon Go?

    Hello, In my humble opinion: "I fear the day when the technology overlaps the humanity. Then the world will have a generation of idiots." - Albert Einstein.
  15. JesusIstheWay

    What chat did you start out on?

    I started to come in 2006. At that time it was very different the aspect of xat. I was looking for on a football site. Automatically, I saw a noise. I went to see what it was. So I put a name and started talking to people. I remember I was wearing an extremely short ID. Maybe I'm one of the only 2006 survivors. I made a record in 2007 and I lost the password. I only know the email.

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