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    Hi support ! i have a problem with my register, what happens is i buy xats via paypal and did not know that limited the register .. so send me a ticket to help remove or reduce the limit provided donot something help me .. they told me I had to wait that was reduced over time and have spent a little over 3 months and has only been unlocked between 700-800 xats I have not even 1k.. havent 14k blocked exactly that I can not transfer. . I need you to move to another register and because of that limit I could not, I think I've waited long enough almost 4 months and still blocked those xats .. please someone who can help me with that would greatly appreciate it! they recommend me to do .. keep sending tickets ?? or is there someone here who can help me to reduce or remove that limit . I show a catch on the purchase I made in xat.com of xats via paypal, if they believe they are stolen or something xats XD They are mine 100% legal and only that want to move to another register and I could not fault the limit .. http://prntscr.com/bkwzec <--- Thanks and I hope you can help me!
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