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  1. Hola , muy buenas... tengo un problemos desde hace como 3-4 meses, un usuario del xat entra sin su cuenta, lo baneo y vuelvo a entrar despues de 1 minuto. Claro que el reporta el xat siempre que lo baneo con capturas de pantalla y todo. No hay ninguna manera de bloquerlo para siempre ?! Estoy desesperado ya que me llame la gente siempre que el usuario entra y nadie le puede hacer nada . Gracias.
  2. The ticket is opened in Location Update... but the problem is not with my account... 1 of my friends have this problem ... she have the e-mail adress and all
  3. I had an ticket opened in November and i didn't recieve any answer ... the ticket is about an location update , someone can help me?
  4. Nothing ... appear that message and didn't appear that page with ticket send ...
  5. http://prntscr.com/bh42ud http://prntscr.com/bh43vk
  6. I try few minutes ago with my old account and same problem ... You must have made a payment (by purchasing xats) to open a ticket in some sections. If you have not paid, please use the forum support or visit a help chat. You don't need to be a paid user to open a ticket in locked out, report scam or report phishing.
  7. I deleted cookies an cache , i tryed with another browser ... nothing
  8. <Removed> Just now i try with this subject and nothing , i take a printscreen for you to see what's happen.
  9. Hi , recently i lost my mobile and the authentificator too , never i bought xats or days for open ticket ... i'll try to open ticket with subject : Los Auth and appear that message: You must have made a payment (by purchasing xats) to open a ticket in some sections. Someone can help me ? what's possible to do for unlock the account ?
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