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  1. Dear Volunteers. I need your help , 1 year if not dealt with my ticket . please help in this regard . I waited 1 year , please help . Ticket date = Create Date:10/Mar/2016 6:52 pm
  2. Two months ago, I provided the necessary evidence. I request that you be interested in informatics. My previous ticket had been answered 1 year ago, and that was thanks to my forum topic again. The necessary help and attention are not shown for tickets. ( Ticket # 56134602 )
  3. I look forward to answering a half years , no one has seen it take so long to work , no one is interested, one of these issues will be resolved if interested. All the evidence , all the pictures in the ticket. Investigate , check to be solved as soon as possible , there is no more waiting for someone else to answer tickets for 9 months. 9 due to a period of months , I would ask you to take care of someone special in dealing with this issue . Ticket Create Date 10/Mar/2016 Is there someone authorized to handle it?
  4. You know the people , the people you're friends , you give answers by giving priority to tickets , you can perform operations , an ethical movement that is how much? , There are people here who can not get an answer for months , like myself, but as the first priority , you prefer your own intimate friend , and you got it immediately to their jobs , is also a move you think this ? selecting people you do business, give up this behavior from this move. someone 's got to tell them. Unfortunately , we do not what what you are doing right , as well , meaning I did not tell you all , I own some idea of what you are doing to yourself in this virtual world , though, to get the work ethic . This brings you to a better place and you always reflects better.
  5. Ticket # Create Date Status Subject Department Email 56134602 10/Mar/2016 Open Account related issue Emailed I've been waiting a long time, in this regard , I need someone to really be able to help .
  6. Hi , I’d like to know why my account is blocked from trading and I keep getting system error 25 or 26 when trading/transferring. My user ID is: (425064990) My registered username is: KatliamTurk Please do what you can. I apologize if i bother you , but since 5 months i didnt get any reply , i need your help . Thank you!
  7. I apologize if i bother you , but since 5 months i didnt get any reply , i need your help
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