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  1. Alright, thanks for the advice. I tried submitting a ticket under general concern because I thought that was where it would go, and I wasn't able to, so thanks for redirecting me to the scam section.
  2. So, I recently got access back to my account (literally yesterday) and I was overjoyed after waiting the entire summer to get my account back. However, that enjoyment quickly came to and end today. I was extremely happy to be back on the website, especially since I was getting ready to be able to use my powers again soon as a friend said they would let me have a day just to relive the memories. Today, when my friend gave me the day, my happiness turned into rage and sadness. I no longer had any powers. I thought, oh, maybe I just need to login again. Nope, even after that, and going to different chats, everything was set in stone. My account was locked too, I literally never changed my settings. I'm mainly very upset because I had powers like namecolor, nameglow, all the colors, blueman, flashrank, typing, away, nopc, nopm, nofollow, animate, and the list just goes on. Empty powers even after logging back in. I'm just speechless. I haven't spent a dime on xat (which is why I'm here and not making a ticket) and have worked so hard to get the point where I was, and now that's all gone to nothing. I'm not even sure how I feel anymore. I'm just overall disappointed. If anyone could help me, that would be great. ID Nugger (262325084) (and no, before you ask, it's a typo for Nugget. I promise. I was young, alright?) Please, just someone tell me what to do, I'm actually so devastated and if I can't get anything back, I just don't see the point anymore.
  3. So I finally decided to get back on my xat account recently, but I haven't been able to login. There's only 2 potential emails I could've used to access the account, but whenever I put the first one, it says E17, which is email not found or username can not be changed. When I do the second email I thought of, I get a different error. I get errror E46 shown here which says that my ID was not found. I don't know what could have possibly happened to my account but for some reason I just either had my email changed without me knowing, but even in my emails I have nothing from xat. The first email I thought it was showed this whenever I searched for "xat." And the second email I thought it could've been showed nothing. What could I do? EDIT: My name ID was Nugger (no, it wasn't racist, thanks for asking) It was an 8 digit ID (262325804).
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