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  1. Already not know what to think
    comment you always public and say it's not nice.
    excuse me

    Smiley Pig Power
    (Pbad) (Pmad)
    (Pomg) (Pwow)
    Hat Pig Power
    (hat#s)   (hat#sw)
    what do you think ?

  2. 11 hours ago, SlOom said:

    The question is : Why a new name's power when we have already a tons of name's powers (nameglow, namecolor, namegrad, nameflag) ? It doesn't make sence, because each time, they find the idea to release another name power...


    I'm not against that idea, it's a good idea but I don't think, we want xat to be more "laggy" like it is sometimes (not for me, but for some people) unless, if they do the same concept but without things that can make you laggy.


    Do you imagine if they make it like the same concept you showed with your image with all the flames that move + all users who would use this power = It would be terrible and the chat experience would not be stable and reduce the number of users who would not support this power. We are already in a low quota .. I think we should not go on like this.


    If they do a macro such as $nameburning=off, it would be okay but i don't think it will be done since we asked for a namegrad/nameflag macro, it didn't happened. 


    I would not be shocked if this power comes out since it's the best way to make money for admins.


    That's my opinion about. It is neither negative nor positive.

    100% with you.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, BomBonica said:

    Each has a purpose in life thanks to no others.
    Everything you do for yourself
    Think someone always loves you even if you think you're all leaving, someone is always beside you and whisper I love you.
    I love school, everyone loves, just as the world is too haughty to say I love you.


    5 minutes ago, Anar said:

    Yes, I like school.


    Because, thanks to school, we can have a good job. 
    Because at school, we can learn lots of things that will be essential for our future. Without school, we have no future.

    Because at school, we can meet people, make friends that we will keep for the rest of our life.

    School can be boring and difficult at times, but don't forget some people don't have the chance of going to school, so let's be grateful and love school!

    (L):$ Nice.


    Hello im Bau And i love school but not much how i love girls LOL hehe.
    that is good in life to learn
    I did not want to school before, now are not in school and want to go to learn.


  5. My idea is that everyone can write colorful. by this command /color and your favorite color.
    I think it would be great if it would be a power group, who has just activated this power could write chat.
    Assig power (writeColor) 
    Next time: Edit power color. or not.
    All users qho enter on xat use comand /color and your favorite color. 
    just  need one power group assig on xat.
    I think my idea is good and I think all of you to think so.
    If power is turned on chat. the world can write colorful, just who buys and activates power could write.
    If power is not turned on chat, can not write coloring. That's my idea.
    /color 5FEBF5
    typing= Hello i Test new power (writeColor) .
    Sorry i no have image Example, but in nice idea. 
    thanks everyone.
    can you help us with more ideas. !?!

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  6. 23 minutes ago, Steven said:



    This Saturday we will be playing Diep io. Diep is a sort of "tank game" (though it has a very simple, 2D interface) that is multiplayer. You are trying to shoot down other tanks to make yourself stronger (similar to Slither and Agar, only with tanks). The prize will be 1000 xats and the game will begin at 7PM GMT+1 / 2PM EDT.


    On Sunday, we will be rotating through GameBot games, and the prizefund will be 3000 xats. The games will begin at a similar time as Saturday.


    If you want to practice Diep, you can come to Game and we can give you the link!

    who is holder?

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  7. Hello!
    Add F /fiBau  or /f1138434737
    im Bau i have 6 years on xat and i no have short id omg noo.
    i need short id.
    Can you help me? All offers are welcome.
    i like much 16M
    good is 1010101
    i like to 112
    i like to 007
    i like to 420
    Thanks and have good day.(shock)

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