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  1. ihaaaa first msg here . 
    Bau back . xd

  2. Bau

    i See you (shock)


  3. Bau

    This has happened once. (hippo)(sman)

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    2. Bau
    3. Ziggs


      :d Stop bro i cant translate while u are talking to me:o Flip:p


    4. Bau
  4. !ID Fonduri



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    2. Anas


      so sad bro :( 


      marya kdj ca nd kelel lzlks,s lq? xd 

    3. Marya


      @Anas tu ce spui acolo ? nu inteleg nimic =)))

    4. Anas


      este cu adevărat nimic haha încerc doar să vorbesc român hahah 

  5. I need a hug, can you give me one?.
    if you see this message, hello.

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    2. Bau


      listening to music and chatting, talking to world, on xat
      visite - /iBau 
      hru ?(shock)

    3. tamisco


      i'm fine also bau, i try to visit ok.. :)


    4. Bau


      okay, you are welcome everytime.

  6. Hello @Brandon Can you make @Marek Advanced member! ?
    He can not change the cover photo!

    He is a confident person in xat, I think he deserves an advanced member and much more than that. 

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    2. Brandon
    3. Bau


      @Phin - wrong, you are badly informed, the old rule is no longer now there are not 40 or 50 posts.

      Brandon will choose advanced members, of course need will be more active,
      Brandon said now advanced member does not win as before! ´´will be harder´.
      Brandon, did you say that or not? (or you forgot) (d)  or was it a joke? IDK

      well, I will not sit here to communicate honestly and who does not, who is right and who does not. to have a beautiful day did not want to upset anyone, just help! Sorry 


    4. Brandon


      The exact requirements to become an Advanced Member are not known to the public. This is to prevent abuse. Once someone meets the requirements to become an Advanced Member, they will automatically be promoted. There's no need for me or anyone else to do anything.

  7. I really care about xat!
    My really question is, xat Care with me? (sry):$

  8. Happy Birthday Bau!  13yqjh4.jpg
    XD wrjk3n.gif

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    2. Bau


      Thanks (hug)13yqjh4.jpg

    3. Lemona


      Happy Birthday Bau!!!

    4. Bau


      Thanks Lemona (hug) 

  9. I can not open these messages. :'(


    @DjCrazy @Camii and Achilles




  10. Soon . . .

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    2. Bau


      I want to thank everyone for the support.

      For me it is very important to see so many people who support me. (Included in xat private messages).

    3. Anas


      You deserve it! (hug) 

    4. Bau


      @Maxo No, I do not get married, unless in xat do that.  LOL xP :$ 

      @Anas Thank you very much (hug):$ 

  11. Hey - How to play this game, no work for me. Mazeban.
    check print image - http://prntscr.com/ff1asf

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    2. Bau


      Yes, I can not move the smilie - :'(
      Already to finish the money, it was an hour, but I do not go into the ban game I hate that.

    3. Chelly


      Does anything change if you try to zoom in or out?

    4. Bau


      how so? I pressed on the keyboard and nothing goes.
      Many people say they have a problem with this banned game....

  12. It's time for color at Adv. Member, I want to go out of anonymous login, shame me. Lol :$ :'( 


    @Admin @Andre @Brandon @Echo @Cupim @Vale @Angelo @Crow  @Sydno @Cyan @Mihay @LaFleur

    @IPS Temp Admin (hello)(d)(scn)


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    2. Bau


      Yes, and the truth has to be said. :$ Lol xD

    3. Maxo


      ok @Echo no problem i respect your opinion 

    4. xLaming


      Here's not a gaming forum.

      N.b the only suggestion I would make is limit people on @ (mention)

  13. You are now a contributor, a moderator, a volunteer, but you have forgotten what it means to be a friend. . .(wailing):(

  14. Who does the best offer for everypower, I buy! ^^
    See who is able to sell Everypower. (goo)

  15. Many people, since they have advanced to rank, are no longer the same people who have been before. :'(

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    2. Bau


      When Google drinks more than I do GoooooooGleeeeee
      Can start xat.com and forum like this OMG :(:d(maniac)

    3. LaFleur
    4. Bau
  16. xat Ajutor was redirected today with assistance.
    Thank you xat.com. (rolleyes)

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    2. zw


      Things were simply restored to their original state, I believe (detailed here). There may exist a reason for the chat to be reinstated, but it will probably need to be subject to a formal process for approval or rejection.

    3. Bau


      Yes Muffins, everything is fine.
      I don't know why, but I'm sure the whole xat.com staff/vols/Contributors is behind this success. . . . You know!

      xat.com to continue this way, it will go very far.

    4. zw


      That's good to hear.

      Speculating, but believe it was processed later due to the fact that it fell off their radar for a period of time.

  17. Bau

    You are so cute in this image! Profil Forum! XD

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    2. Bau


      You´re welcome! Again! (sman)

    3. jheniffer


      oi fala


    4. Bau


      Oi Fala? :o  
      Fala o que. xD

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