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  1. @Andre Please fix that.

    I know was added new stuff, but we can´t Login invisivel made. :'(


  2. Life is not unfair, we are in the wrong place. |-)

  3. Hi, Don't let people use you, because you are not a toy.
    Whoever says that you do not deserve what you have or what you want to have to run away from these people, does not deserve you.
    Remember, you´re better than that.

    1. Lyn


      clean english

  4. Quote







  5. When you use people to achieve your goal, success does not belong to you.
    Be you. . . 

  6. Many people know me, but not many people know me well.

  7. Please fix SUPPORTER power.
    Thank you.

  8. NEW power: Quackers

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    2. CH3RRY


      E vão fazer  o  mesmo que fizeram com  o main.png  ????  (toj)

    3. Bau


      O que aconteceu com power Main ? (rolleyes):$

    4. Bau
  9. Hey Dude

    Didn't anyone complain about anything to you? Because they don't want to look bad in front of you, they want to be your friends.
    I prefer not to have friends and to be honest, rather than to have friends not to be honest.

    - If you think you're right about everything, you're wrong.
    - You said you knew me, honestly you have no idea who I am.
    - If you don't know how to listen, you don't have the right to speak.
    - If you judge a person only by the way he dresses or speaks, your place is not here.
    - If you forgot where you came from, it's your problem, I don't forget who you are.
    - If someone does not agree with you, it does not mean that the person is bad.
    - When you don't like an idea, say your opinion, if you make him change his mind, your idea is really good, if not, it's your idea and just an opinion.
    - I like that the Earth, the Air, the Water and the time are the same for everyone, and the people are the same, but some think they are above than others.
    - If you are expecting change from someone else, remember that you need to change, not someone else.
    - It is better to be with the bad and learn more than to be with the good and destroy yourself.
    - There are no choices without options.
    - It's sad to see when someone steals what you love, wait, it's just my fault that I fell in love with chat

    - To ask is beautiful and polite, to steal or lie to get what you want is wrong.
    - I don't understand why you did this, because I didn't do anything you say to everyone.
    - My only mistake was that I trusted you, the rest were just lies in your head.
    - Whoever believes in everything you say is weaker than you, because you have the courage to lie, and he believes you.

    Thanks to everyone who listened to what I had to say, they didn't need to understand me, but I'm glad they listened and I'm not as complicated as many talk behind me.. . ..
    Don´t be rude, don´t be dumb, you can do more than that.


  10. It all started as a game, and now I can say this is my home.
    Please be careful what you talk about when you come home to me.
    If you don't agree with something, you can talk about me at home with me, but don't talk bad about my house.
    If you think you are superior to everyone, do not expect to be accepted by others.

  11. It's time to say goodbye. . . (sry)

  12. I want to thank everyone for my birthday congratulations. (applause)

    1. Magic


      And the cake? Maybe you ate it all and didn't share (rolleyes) :$ 

    2. Bau
  13. Bau

    Happy birthday!(applause)(hug)

  14. Write a public message on your own Feed. . .

  15. Bau

    Sloom i miss you (a) 

  16. [WORK] Everything is possible, you have to believe and want.(applause)

  17. Nobody believes in your talent until you are seen.

  18. I like it, was changed UnPaid USER ! (a)


    1. Anas


      Is this something new? (sry)


      I feel like it's have been that way for ages.

    2. Leandro


      It was never a paid user departament bau lol

    3. Bau


      This week I helped two people one with unblock domain for chat, and another one for changing email, because he forgot E-mail, it seems to me he had to be a paid user.
      User lost email at login or password at email and no longer has the phone number, I do not know exactly, did not speak my language, and I tried to help her with the translator.

      Maybe just for the unblock domain, it was definitely my mistake. 
      Probably I was wrong, I apologize. (sry)

      Thank´s Anas, Leandro.

  19. Hello

    How can i use smilies xat on my discord-xat?! (rolleyes)

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    2. Bau


      (hug) i´m fine thank you, How´re you? (hello)

    3. Bau


      @Anas  @DUYGU
      I find now you know: xat.wiki/Smilies 8-)

    4. Bau
  20. @Anas  :o

    You´re fast to respond of the topic HELP « :O xD

  21. If you need a BOT power, you´re on the right place .(rolleyes)

    Good luck (hug) 

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