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  1. Contest Winners 50. . .  Ends and topic is closed . . . .^^
     Thank`s LaFleur For The power Birdie, soo cuteeeeeeeee .

    1. LaFleur


      You're welcome. ;)

  2. I can not open these messages. :'(


    @DjCrazy @Camii and Achilles




  3. @xLaming 

    Your birthday is very lucky this year.

    You also earned a maker game title. . . (hippo):o

    1. xLaming


      Yeah bau


      My bday was yesterday :$ 

    2. Bau


      That's nice:$ 

      I want a game about Bau, xD
      I'm sorry, I deserve a game not? Lol (hippo)(hello)

    3. Maxo


      congratulations @xLaming for being a game maker (hug)

  4. Everything you do, you do it for yourself.
    Do not trust anyone, all they do, do it for them. (a)(blowkiss)

    1. Marya


      grr ce ai patit iar =)) (hippo)

    2. Maxo


      i agree this is a truth 

    3. Bau
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  5. It's time for color at Adv. Member, I want to go out of anonymous login, shame me. Lol :$ :'( 


    @Admin @Andre @Brandon @Echo @Cupim @Vale @Angelo @Crow  @Sydno @Cyan @Mihay @LaFleur

    @IPS Temp Admin (hello)(d)(scn)


    1. Bau


      Yes, and the truth has to be said. :$ Lol xD

    2. Maxo


      ok @Echo no problem i respect your opinion 

    3. xLaming


      Here's not a gaming forum.

      N.b the only suggestion I would make is limit people on @ (mention)

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  6. !ID Fonduri



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    2. Anas


      so sad bro :( 


      marya kdj ca nd kelel lzlks,s lq? xd 

    3. Marya


      @Anas tu ce spui acolo ? nu inteleg nimic =)))

    4. Anas


      este cu adevărat nimic haha încerc doar să vorbesc român hahah 

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  7. Hey @Admin @Brandon When you have time to fix here in the forum a mistake, this smilies has an error.

    Smilie - :toj:


  8. I buy cheap - two everypower (hello)

    1. Mystic
    2. Bau


      Nobody sell ?! (a)

  9. Bau

    Hello Mike-y Mouse 😍 I see u 😯👼 😛

    How are you ?

    Congratulations smiley maker :p

  10. I see you all :$(hippo)

  11. Hello Xaters "xat Family'

    Well, once again members of the club 'xat family' were deleted, a few days ago we were 178 after that 174 two days ago 173 yesterday 172 and today we have seen that we are 171.

    I offered a rank of friendship and you would destroy what we created together.
    I'm sorry but I will eliminate the rank almost to everyone, I've talked to you some time ago and nothing has been solved!

    1. Bau


      Possible, but someone has already confessed to remove people from the group, because they were bad with them ' (rolleyes)(swt)

    2. xLaming


      Forum staff likes to remove likes, punish ppl for no reason and do not talk about. But can't solve this issue for you looking at the moderation logs.


      That's cool. Sorry to hear Bau-open :$ 

    3. Bau


      It is true, it was good if the users who were eliminated made a complaint, maybe with help the Forum team discover all those guilty (hmm):o:$ Lool:'(

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  12. Battle wow let's play. . .


  13. Thanks and excuse everyone! (hug)

  14. Pray that when you remember me it does not hurt you 🎤🎼💕 (blowkiss)

  15. Regrets . . .

    1. Mystic


      It's sad to hear you have regrets but the best thing you should do is move on and look to the future. That is usually what I do to feel better when I regret something.

  16. if I marry with Admin, or a volunteer I become Admin or volunteer after the wedding? 

    xD :$(hmm)

    1. DUYGU


      big goals

      I wish you much and much luck

    2. Florecita


      love is all that matters  (goo)

    3. DUYGU


      Yes you are right

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  17. Hello "XATers" someone in club xat family club deletes members without reason, I want everyone who was deleted to tell me, I want to find this person. (d):o(hmm)



    1. Samuel


      Me too @Bau



    2. Mystic


      I hope you find out who did that.

    3. Andre


      Only promote users to "leader" whom you trust 100%.

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  18. I'love my new job 'Vacation' xD :$

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