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  1. Battle wow let's play. . .


  2. Thanks and excuse everyone! (hug)

  3. Pray that when you remember me it does not hurt you 🎤🎼💕 (blowkiss)

  4. Regrets . . .

    1. Mystic


      It's sad to hear you have regrets but the best thing you should do is move on and look to the future. That is usually what I do to feel better when I regret something.

  5. if I marry with Admin, or a volunteer I become Admin or volunteer after the wedding? 

    xD :$(hmm)

    1. DUYGU


      big goals

      I wish you much and much luck

    2. Florecita


      love is all that matters  (goo)

    3. DUYGU


      Yes you are right

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  6. Hello "XATers" someone in club xat family club deletes members without reason, I want everyone who was deleted to tell me, I want to find this person. (d):o(hmm)



    1. Samuel


      Me too @Bau



    2. Mystic


      I hope you find out who did that.

    3. Andre


      Only promote users to "leader" whom you trust 100%.

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  7. I'love my new job 'Vacation' xD :$

  8. 23:33 Good Night XATers!

  9. I miss you @muffins:'(:$:(

    How're you? (scn)

    1. zw


      Sorry that I'm replying to this so late; things have been okay around here.

      Hope you're doing well.

  10. We love you xat, but you can't do what we need. . . :'(:$:o

    1. Page


      xat can't love us back

  11. Name: Bau

    Uname: iBau

    Age: **

    Activity: Loanding. . . .

    Last Visited: 201*

    Rank: none

    Relationship: ARCbots

    From: xat

    List Friends: full


  12. Boots for me, so my enemies will not find me. (hippo):$:d
    Do you also need one? xD 


    1. Mystic


      Nice boots Bau! I have one that looks very similar.

    2. Bau
  13. I have a new status:  بحبك all :$ (L) 

  14. Hello everyone!

    My status and contest was closed and hidden.
    Later I will open a new contest, maybe next month, maybe later or sooner, I do not know, I'm busy now!
    Thank you (hug) 

  15. OMG, Club xat Family - has a new look. . . .:o

    Below you find the image

    Below you find the image

    Below you find the image

    Below you find the image

    Okay, it's a joke, so it looks like when I opened the page. (maniac):$ Lol

    Below you find the image

    Below you find the image

    Below you find the image

    Below you find the image

    Below you find the image


    above you find the image

    above you find the image

    above you find the image

    above you find the image

    above you find the image

    Did you find?

    Hi  everyone :$ 

  16. That´s nice, new smilies Forum 😮  :$   

  17. Bau

    Nice Photo :$ let's make someone jealous :o .  . . xD

    1. Page


      haha what u mean?

    2. Bau


      (rolleyes) I was telling someone to be jealous, if you did not know who, I'd say let's make all the jealous boys from all over xat.com.
      I mean, be jealous of your beautiful picture "

      OMG Girls (scn)

      Gn Page-zinha (hug) 

    3. Page


       hahhahahha ok ok ok

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  18. My friend, nobody now wants us to be who we want, but when we are what we want, everyone will be our friend.

    They all want power and money, only I want health and friendship ?!

    What do you want? xD

  19. Yes you can make xats, of you know more about cs Photoshop! xD ^Good luck!


  20. Thanks to everyone who congratulated me and those who did not congratulate me! (hug) (L) 
    Happy birthday to me :$ xD

    1. Crow


      Happy late birthday, Bau! All the best for another year! 



    2. Sevda


      Happy belated birthday chu chu, I wish you all the best (hug) 

    3. Bau


      Thank You Crow  - Chu chu (hug) (L) 

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