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  1. Hi and Sorry

    I will not write much, take care of all of you. . . .

    I want to announce that I am leaving xat.com

    Farewell (a)

    1. Bau


      You have guessed but do not tell anyone (wailing):'( xD 


    2. Mino1


      I say nothing ;)

    3. Bau
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  2. What do you think we have reason for happiness? 1111 (scn)


  3. I do not think this is interesting for everyone, so for this reason I have added status, if you do not like this forum information, you can ignore this message.

    Version 4.4.2 of Invision Community is now available and includes a security update.

    Version 4.4.2 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.1.

    Also included: 4.4.1
    Version 4.4.1 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.0.
    This release also contains a critical security update for Commerce.

    Regards Bau!

    1. Anas
    2. Leandro


      Thank you Bau, I was excited waiting for it.

  4. I need an official logo for my website.
    Who is offering?




    Contact me here on forum.


    Regards Bau

    1. Madses


      how much do you offer?

    2. Bau


      I do not know, it does not always matter how much it costs, but the quality. (scn)
      What do you think, how much value is your qualitative work?

    3. Queen_Sofia




      Just a start a contest. Ezz.

  5. Thanks to all for congratulations on my birthday, I love you all (hug):$ (L) 

  6. Hello

    I'm looking for a banner for xat. 

    Just For Today!


    1. Anas
    2. Bau


      Hey Anas

      I want to know the price and if you have examples I want to see!


    3. Anas




      I'm just watchin, i have no idea about banners or even backgrounds xd! 


      Good luck :$  

  7. We offer 4.4.0  -  4.4.1 For forum! (applause)

    Admin is required to accept the update. (only if he wants acc that.)


    1. Gui


      Thank you Invision Community! :$ 

    2. Bau


      You¬īre welcome Harpezinho!¬†(goo) hehe

  8. Hey @Admin , Can you do something to shorten waiting time for the ticket?

    Not to be misunderstood! (I want everyone to be okay, and be able to fun on the xat without trouble!)

    There are people waiting for a day, two, a week, a month or even a year!
    Is that normal ?!

    Why a minor issue can not be resolved quickly, or even be an option to allow us to have full access to our profile!

    BIG Thank¬īs
    And now I want to thank all volunteers for the good job they offer at xat.com
    And I want to thank all smilies creators, and ideas for xat.
    I want to thank all those who helped when I needed!
    I want to thank all the people who have patience, and we are still together on hard times.

    1. Maxo


      personally i posted a ticket before i waited for 1 month and this is normal as @Sydno said because there are a lot of tickets posted not only mine or yours ... ticket needs time to get an answer for it, also depending on the nature of the problem presented 

    2. Bau


      I know, and I say you're right Sydno. Thank¬īs!

      When someone is new to xat.com, this is about it, but, for example, I or someone who, for 10 or more years, connects to the same Internet on the same login or maybe two or three Accounts!

      Is it normal to be treated as an unknown?
      I think No, maybe yes, you know.
      We all are the same!
      I'm not racist, but with how much money I've bought xats or other people, we have the chance to wait for more time than a person who has never bought xats! Or even a thief has more luck. (rolleyes)

    3. xLaming


      Most companies can afford REAL TIME SUPPORT, xat needs a lot https://www.zendesk.com/chat/ :)

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  9. Let's help each one with a like! (hippo)

    At his request I have to help.  @Madses

  10. My worst enemy is me. (rolleyes)

    1. Maxo


      mmm it's complicated for you to success if you make from yourself an enemy 

    2. Bau
  11. I¬īm NOT BOT. - LOOOOOOOOOooooooooL

  12. Hey @muffins How¬īre u my dear? (hug)¬†:$

    1. zw


      Just replied to your status update from a while ago -- things are on the up.

      Nice to see you around, Bau.

    2. Bau
    3. zaki
  13. Do not say that ARCbots is not smart, he is the smartest bot, he trusts me. (a) I will protect your Ship ARC (goo)  :D (hippo)-  http://prntscr.com/maqt8x

    1. Maxo


      he's smart but sometimes he looks stupid (toj) 

  14. You are now a contributor, a moderator, a volunteer, but you have forgotten what it means to be a friend. . .(wailing):(

  15. The same thing I wanted to write! xD - http://prntscr.com/m2sbzu

    Um voto meu tens (sman)


    1. Gui


      ele não merece Bauzinho :$ 

    2. Bau


      Merece sim, ele nosso amigo :$

    1. Bau


      @mary17 @LaFleur @Maverick - I add your name, you may not receive a notification that I've responded! 

      what happends?! (wailing)

    2. Maverick


      I'd try using another browser to see if that works.


      Other than that, it works fine for me.

    3. Bau


      I use only -   Microsoft EDGE 3 years already.

      - http://prntscr.com/m2ptw0
      -- http://prntscr.com/m2pufj
      --- http://prntscr.com/m2pur1
      ---- http://prntscr.com/m2pv13
      ----- http://prntscr.com/m2pve2

      This seems HTML5 - But why does not it work, how can I get this out?

      Here With Google Chrome work fine. 

      ------ http://prntscr.com/m2pwil

      That means Microsoft EDGE has some problems, I need to restore this, I did not know, excuse the trouble!
      A beautiful night and a rich new year full of health! (hug) 

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  16. Who can do something like me? (hippo)http://prntscr.com/m1y937

    1. Bau


      You cheated  (toj)(hippo) xD 

    2. Anas


      LOOOL! is similar tho (cute)

    3. Bau
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  17. Olha so, uma piada para ous Portugueses. . . .


    Leeeeeee tudoooooo ok?


    Um cliente foi a um hotel e perguntou ao propriet√°rio:
    -O quarto 33 est√° vazio?
    O dono do hotel respondeu que sim, estava vazio.
    Ele perguntou se poderia apenas reservar para uma noite e dono respondeu que sim mas antes de subir fez um pedido ao propriet√°rio:
    -Uma faca preta e uma linha de seda branca de 33 cm de comprimento e uma laranja pesando 66 gramas
    O dono admirou-se pelos estranhos pedidos mas arranjou-os.
    Ele n√£o pediu comida, bebida ou qualquer outra coisa....
    Felizmente, o quarto do dono do hotel ficava no andar debaixo do quarto 33 e depois da meia-noite
    ouviu sons muito estranhos como se fossem animais, e vozes! Sentiram-se sons abafados de alguém batendo....
    De manh√£ e antes de o cliente sair
    o propriet√°rio do hotel pediu para verificar o quarto mas encontrou tudo impec√°vel. O fio de seda e a faca preta na mesa, a laranja inteira, e tudo no lugar....
    O cliente pagou a conta da noite a dobrar e também deu mais gorjeta do que os outros clientes.
    Passou-se um ano e o dono do hotel esqueceu-se do assunto....
    A 1 de março do ano seguinte ficou surpreso com o mesmo homem!
    Quando o viu, ele lembrou-se do que tinha acontecido no ano anterior...
    O cliente voltou a solicitar o quarto 33, uma faca negra, um fio de seda de 33 cm e uma laranja de 66 gramas....
    O dono do hotel decidiu ficar acordado para ver se descobria tal mistério....
    Após a meia-noite, começaram os mesmos sons que tinha ouvido no ano anterior.... mas desta vez mais alto.
    Pela manh√£ o cliente saiu e pagou a conta a dobrar e deu uma boa gorjeta.
    O propriet√°rio do hotel ficou ainda mais intrigado!
    E a sele√ß√£o do quarto n¬ļ 33?....
    E a faca preta?....
    E o peso da laranja?....
    E o comprimento da linha de seda?....
    Ao longo do ano ele esperou, ansioso, pelo mês de março....
    E, na manhã do dia 1 de março, pelo terceiro ano consecutivo, lá apareceu o cliente e pediu as mesmas coisas....
    O dono do hotel ficou acordado, disposto a descobrir o mistério, mas sem resultados... os mesmos sons foram ouvidos sempre com maior intensidade.
    Pela manh√£ antes do cliente sair, quando veio pagar a conta, o dono do hotel disse que queria saber o que se passava.
    O cliente respondeu: "Se eu lhe disser o segredo promete não contar a ninguém"?....
    O proprietário do hotel disse: - "Eu prometo, não falo a ninguém, não importa o que me disser. Juro"!
    E, de facto, o dono do hotel não contou a ninguém.... ninguém, até hoje, sabe o que se passou!
    Nem eu sei o segredo, e estou morrendo de curiosidade.... ! XD

    1. Luig


      Parei no "Um cliente"... preguiça wins (toj)

    2. Gui


      Bauzinhooo :@  me fez ler isso tudo pra nada!! :@ 

    3. Bau


      Nao contem pra ninguem :$:dk kk 

  18. Bau

    Hey Ronal, nice i did, not? xD - click and -  Check Image

  19. Friends are the ones who can offer even if they do not get anything in return.

    Now my friend, says this is not true? (ok)

    1. Maxo


      yes those are reel freinds 

  20. I want to say that the limit of like post has ended, (shrug) tomorrow I continue to like all participants, Thank you for your understanding and Merry Christmas, happy new year! (blowkiss)(a) 

    1. Bau


      Look like that http://prntscr.com/lz37m7  or like that http://prntscr.com/lz37f9 Transparents Reaction xD 


      Thnak¬īs (hug)¬†

    2. mary17


      Thanks anyway! =)

    3. Bau
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  21. I need someone in the volunteers to open a ticket.
    Who offers this support?

    Note:  it's not for me, it's for a Girlfriend!

  22. Who does the best offer for everypower, I buy! ^^
    See who is able to sell Everypower. (goo)

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