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  1. I want to thank everyone for my birthday congratulations. (applause)

    1. Magic


      And the cake? Maybe you ate it all and didn't share (rolleyes) :$ 

    2. Bau
  2. Bau

    Happy birthday!(applause)(hug)

  3. Write a public message on your own Feed. . .

  4. Bau

    Sloom i miss you (a) 

  5. [WORK] Everything is possible, you have to believe and want.(applause)

  6. Nobody believes in your talent until you are seen.

  7. I like it, was changed UnPaid USER ! (a)


    1. Anas


      Is this something new? (sry)


      I feel like it's have been that way for ages.

    2. Leandro


      It was never a paid user departament bau lol

    3. Bau


      This week I helped two people one with unblock domain for chat, and another one for changing email, because he forgot E-mail, it seems to me he had to be a paid user.
      User lost email at login or password at email and no longer has the phone number, I do not know exactly, did not speak my language, and I tried to help her with the translator.

      Maybe just for the unblock domain, it was definitely my mistake. 
      Probably I was wrong, I apologize. (sry)

      Thank´s Anas, Leandro.

  8. Hello

    How can i use smilies xat on my discord-xat?! (rolleyes)

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    2. Bau


      I know how to add emoji «I don't know how to add smiley from xat, how to take smilies from xat.com to add to Discord. (a)

    3. DUYGU


      Bau  (blowkiss)  (hug)  How are you my forum friend?

    4. Bau


      (hug) i´m fine thank you, How´re you? (hello)

  9. @Anas  :o

    You´re fast to respond of the topic HELP « :O xD

  10. If you need a BOT power, you´re on the right place .(rolleyes)

    Good luck (hug) 

  11. Soon a nice contest. . . (cute)

    If you have a lot of knowledge about xat.com and ARCbots, then it will be easy to win this contest.
    It will not be for choice, but for strategy. Ho Ho hou (sman)

    1. Anas


       I said i don't trust that bot.

    2. Bau


      It will not be a choice, everything depends on you, not on bots. hehe 

    3. Maxo


      that bot is a lunatic use the generator next time (d) 

  12. 69

    1. Anas



    2. Bau


      Thank you, i need it!

  13. Hey Forum, Welcome back!

    1. Abrahan


      You cried too like me?

    2. Bau


      No, I was happy xD (rolleyes)

  14. The road is difficult, but you will succeed. (hug)

  15. @theFlower The Vols list is: 
    Mihay - Mihay (1700000)
    Andre - Andre (112633)
    Crow - Four (4444)
    Angelo - Angelo - (18500000)
    Cupim - Cupim (11011)

    Echo - Echo (7170717)

    Junior - Junii (1522897229)

    LaFleur -  LaFleur (517650537)

    Sydno - Sydno (220711)


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    2. Bau


      Sure, we can see now who Theflower like (rolleyes)(a) xD

    3. Anas


      That's fine, i'm sure she took the list from bot using !vols :$ 

    4. Bau
  16. We still alive, Whether you want it or not. (a)


    1. NoSense


      With me xat change music!!

    2. Anas


      A bug? :$ 

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