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  1. Let's argue !? (smirk)

  2. Spoiler


    Does it happen to you when you try to answer the status in the forum ?!
    When I open a new forum page it shows status with reply from me, but in the page where I send reply to status it shows saving, it has not been sent yet.

    1. Maxo


      Yeah it happens sometimes, on replying a status and a message too 

    2. Bau


      Thanks MAxo!

    3. xLaming


      Yeah it happens to me everytime,


      Hey @Andre :$


      Basically status is posted, but, ajax is still loading until you refresh xD

  3. This forum is no longer what it once was, worse every day, Damn (swt)

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    2. Solange


      I agree with Norman.


      It's not the forum, it's just that we have less users than past years, and I'm talking about the whole website. Therefore, we also have less activity on the forum as a consequence.


      Anyway, let's not lose hopes and let's have faith in the future.

    3. Magic


      Everything that encompasses xat became boring.(swt)


      All are mostly gone.:(

    4. Bau


      Thanks guys for the answer(sry)

      I don't know what is sadder, to have few people or each of these few not to do their part.

      To be many to do nothing and to be few to do nothing we come out in the same result.

      I certainly don't say anything to anyone now, but I say what I see, failed promises, words thrown in the wind.

      Everyone thinks it's easy, Yes, almost anyone can be a volunteer, a contributor a chat manager, but not everyone is able to keep, [Of course there are some qualities you should have, some of them is behavior and knowledge] I have said this many times and many thought I was rude.

      I hope everything´s good with you all.(cute)

  4. Damn, the old days will never be the same.

    Administrator means Owner. (sry)

  5. Wow, looks amazing now

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    2. SapphireOfficial


      Need one but whit your crazy things  xd

    3. Bau


      about transfer.


    4. Bau


      here you have suggestion about Bau. LOL


  6. wow, thank you for following me.

  7. A new version has been added. . .
    So sexy, aww


    1. Bau


      OH noo, Can you fix it :$  @Andre

  8. Rethink sad message. . .
    If there's no tomorrow, people will try to communicate how good I was and that another innocent person left.
    But while I'm here, people don't come to tell me what's really needed, but they regret and regret that you're gone.

    I want you to know that true friends are by your side when you are successful in life, many cannot bear your happiness.
    Because when you have problems, your enemies can feel sorry for you to.

    Enjoy your life guys!

  9. Forum´s Back, Enjoy(sman)

  10. I learned from my mistakes, I didn't wait for someone to make mistakes to learn.(sman)

  11. Soon. . .

  12. Don't wait until tomorrow, do everything you can today.(rolleyes)

  13. I don't behave decently with indecent people. |-)

  14. Happy birthday @Bryan @Angelo dudes, Enjoy all days like this special day.

  15. I will never forget the day I needed you and you turned your back. (swt)

  16. Have FUN guys :$
    More video soon will be UP


  17. You know. . .

    Many with many questions and I with no answers.

    I don't like to talk about this but I will try to explain without hurting anyone, without introducing anyone to this discussion.
    How long since I've been on xat.com, how many people I've brought to xat.com, how much money I've invested in xat doesn't matter anymore.

    I am glad that I was able to help whenever I had the opportunity.
    I am proud of myself, and of all my mistakes, from them I learned what I can trust and who I can't.

    Many laugh when you don't know something instead of explaining, to learn not to make mistakes and you in turn can help others not to make the same mistake.

    Unlike me, many are waiting to do more and more, without being satisfied, instead I work hard, I was interested, I often did not sleep at night, so I could offer as much support as possible to xat.com users and ARCbots.
    Many times I was hit from all sides, I continued to fight, until I got tired of fighting all those who were trying to bring me down, grow on my back and all those who could do something applauded or thanked without to do something with those who live doing the victim to get what is not worth it easier.

    The easiest way is always the most dangerous.

    You are not guilty of anything, I am guilty of everything, everything that happened is my fault that I sat next to toxic people like you.

  18. Happy Birthday @Jans @Page @Yahir 

    Enjoy every day as a birthday and your life will be a perfect life...


    1. Page


      Thnx baucito ❤️ Of course I’ll enjoy and yeeees I have cake 🎂😌

    2. Bau
  19. Sell 2021 days for 26000 xats.
    I sell to the first person interested in buying.

    1. Bau


      Sold Already.

      User capLjinac2016 (1263323813) Bought.

  20. Thank you all very much for the congratulations BDay (hug) 

    1. iAura


      HBD (ONLOVE)(blowkiss)

    2. Bau
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