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Bug Comments posted by Bau

  1. Hi, Excuse me for the inconvenience.

    After two days of torment, I can now enter xat without a problem. (ok)

    I can not say what the problem was, but I want to announce that it is now going well.
    You can close this topic, if the same problem occurs, I will ask to be reopened.

    Thank you. 

  2. Hi Angelo (Thank´s)

    1) Yes I wrote that both the same problema. . . 
    2) My connection is good, I can use everything but xat.com does not. (I can use xat but it takes a long time to connect, and once it gets stuck)
    3) Yes, I tried and continued with the same problema.

    Sorry, I thought it was enough in writing, and there was not much writing, because it is understandable in print that I sent that I can not come in, and I wrote in both.

    Regards Bau


    I have no issue with Internet BUT Check the print of Error: http://prntscr.com/neh76e

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