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Bug Comments posted by Bau

  1. Hello DjPio

    It's a bug, but you have nothing to worry about.

    The messages sent by you privately that appeared on the Main chat only you see them, no one else can see those messages.

    This is still happening and I hope it will be resolved in the future, as it may scare users who are not informed that only private messages that appear on the main page you see.

    At least that's what happens to me and others, I can't understand how you received a ban from private messages ?!
    Can you explain more about this, maybe you sent a bot message in private not between users ?!

    You said you had proof, but I don't see that you received ban from the bot, just what I explained above about private messages and chat main.
    - In which chat did you receive ban?
    - When, on what day?
    - Do you have proof when you received the ban?

    Regards Bau

  2. Hi, Excuse me for the inconvenience.

    After two days of torment, I can now enter xat without a problem. (ok)

    I can not say what the problem was, but I want to announce that it is now going well.
    You can close this topic, if the same problem occurs, I will ask to be reopened.

    Thank you. 

  3. Hi Angelo (Thank´s)

    1) Yes I wrote that both the same problema. . . 
    2) My connection is good, I can use everything but xat.com does not. (I can use xat but it takes a long time to connect, and once it gets stuck)
    3) Yes, I tried and continued with the same problema.

    Sorry, I thought it was enough in writing, and there was not much writing, because it is understandable in print that I sent that I can not come in, and I wrote in both.

    Regards Bau


    I have no issue with Internet BUT Check the print of Error: http://prntscr.com/neh76e

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