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  1. Hi Today it's two days since I have this problem, why? I need an hour to get into xat.com
  2. Bau

    About Tickle xat

    Hello LaFleur It's good to hear that. The idea was not to create rules for who does not agree with the idea, but for those who write wicked words about this idea. It was misunderstood my rules for this topic!
  3. Bau

    About Tickle xat

    Hello I come back here with a little but important suggestion for all. Authentication - Now it's been eliminated, I want to ask for tickle, it's been like it's been long ago for everyone to use without problem with a single click On/Off The page to be brought back to life. - Time to Update this page - xat.wiki/tickle What do you think about it, write in the comments. (Rules About This TOPIC) - You can not only answer with: Okay, it's good idea, I like it, and others. - You have to have a complete answer, and explain why you like this idea. - It is not allowed to add bad answers, it will be deleted, and you may be notified with a warning and penalty points. Regards Bau
  4. Hello I came up with this idea for a long time, but I can not find it, it has already been forgotten. Let be allowed to transfer powers - (now only xats and days are allowed). What benefits does this bring? - If it's on the phone, it's great because it's really hard to find powers in the list of powers if you have a lot. How does it work? - You can only transfer one power. - Where is xats and how many days do you transfer, just so it's for powers, just add name to power to transfer « - Not to make a wrong transfer, will be the security question, are you sure you want to transfer this power (gold) to iBau? YES/NO Questions for you. - Do you think this is a good idea? - What do you think can be bad about this idea? Regards Bau
  5. Join Contest Background

    Regards Bau

    1. Anas


      Alright make one for me so i can participate, i don't know how to make bgs (sman)

    2. Bau
  6. Hi Admin Please read the guidelines. Thank´s xD I support This Idea. Later, I add the information as it should be. Regards Bau.
  7. Hello J0hn. It's really sad to see what's happening on the xat, provide support and they do not want to accept. It's sad to see everyone says it's all right, when we all see it is not. I think change comes from everyone, not just from them. If we all want to be good, then we have to do well. Everybody does a good job, but that's not enough. I have come back to xat, I want to do something, have more motivation, what do they do, laugh? Or maybe they do not care what I want to do. Slowly, slowly, you start to get bored with indifferent people. I apologize for this word attack, but I spoke on this subject. Regards Bau
  8. Fonduri (304771992) Thanks Kopas.
  9. People do not help, they get you down, Why? Honestly, do not care, you can do everything you want to get, keep doing the same good job, you succeed.

    Regards Bau

  10. I'm not quite sure if you understand what i said - When it will not be redirected to Assistance. . . . . Soon
  11. I am aware of this, for that I want to open help, I have notified this up, I hope you read. Yes, it may not be allowed to reopen this xat.com/Ajutor If you think I'm joking, then you can laugh, you can do what you want, I said what I'm going to do. xat will be open, indifferent, maybe over 100 years. I'm not rushing. That's why I increase the prize +5000 xats The first place winner will receive 4000 xats. The second place winner will receive 3,000 xats. The third place winner will receive 2000 xats. The fourth place winner will receive 1600 xats. The fifth place winner will receive 1300 xats. So @HelperNate Please come when you can in xat.com to make a transfer so I can edit the first message with the change to this contest.
  12. Bau

    The limit of days

    I bought 9k days and they were people who contacted me to ask if I buy days, they want to sell one person 6k another person 4k and many more 2k and 1k The idea came from, I buy all the days, and I sell to all who want, so people need xats, how does he sell 6k days? With power that only offers xats in 180 days? Whenever you need to do this, long lost! Why limit can not be changed? That you do not want or you do not like someone to have many days? - I do not see why the limit is 9k days. - I really do not understand. (It's not about competition here, I'm sorry if that's what you think, or if you think we do when we offer a new idea, we are clients, we want to feel good here, not feel isolated with only rules that kill xat). - I do not know that I believe, for me, I'm sure that's what I want, I respect all opinions. - I agree that this limit is good, but I asked for a higher limit, I took a step forward, did not ask for anything bad. Anyway, if continues the limit or not, it´s the same, does not change big thing, I continue to love xat. I do not know who is right and who is not, but in xat it is always answered: It is impossible, or we work for it. (simple things, and results can not be seen). Thank´s Anas, Toxic, Jedi, Sydno - For your response and support. Regards Bau
  13. Good nigth People (hug) (L#)

  14. Bau

    Can´t sent message

    Sorry Sloom For The Delay. . . Giff: https://i.imgur.com/YpBSFry.gifv
  15. Hello I want to know why there is such a small limit for such a big xat? My idea is to be the much bigger limit. Now it's 9001 days, I want at least 20,000 if possible. Why? - Because I want to have more days, many people sell and I want to buy to help everyone. - I know that 9k days is a lot, but I do not think that for such a big xat.com this limit is enough. - Because this limit must be higher, even for no reason. (If I want to buy why there is not much greater limit.). Thank you. Regards Bau.
  16. Bau

    Servers down

    Hi MArya It's under construction or something is being repaired, you have to be patient, it's normal when make changes or when errors occur on the website. Now there is an error, there is something that does not allow you to connect to the website. We have to be patient, and I'm curious what happened.
  17. Bau


    Hey Brunnie I do not know whether or not this idea was suggested, but I mean it is a brilliant idea. Regards Bau
  18. Hey everyone Today we have new record: 9001 Regards Bau
  19. GENERAL CONTEST INFORMATION The Ajutor chat is looking for general purpose backgrounds. You can post as many entries as you want. The deadline is set to the end of the day (GMT) on May 1. Questions about the contest should be posted in this topic. Reputation accumulated on the posts in this topic have no influence on the outcome of the contest. Prize holder for this contest. @HelperNate - Thank You! REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS - Backgrounds must be blue and must not focus on a specific event or celebration. - You must provide a chat background and an outer background (2560 x 1440 pixels or larger). - You must provide a matching button color. - Your entry must be posted publicly here. - Please try not to make something too dark or too bright. Ideally, don't make anything hurtful to eyes. - CSS may be used for minor modifications. PRIZE INFORMATION The first place winner will receive 4000 xats. The second place winner will receive 3,000 xats. The third place winner will receive 2000 xats. The fourth place winner will receive 1600 xats. The fifth place winner will receive 1300 xats. JUDGES The judges for this contest are: Bau Regname Fonduri/iBau Sorry and Thank´s Arthur - Almost everything that's up is copied and posted here from ARTHUR post. Good luck everyone! Regards Bau
  20. And from ARCbots BOT: xD !mail send ID/regname Message here OR !msg ID/regname Message here Example: !msg iBau Hello, How´re You my Friend?!
  21. Hello I totally agree with you. Leandro - There must be this. . . . Now I want to know, what happened to my suggestion to change the email by option? For the chat and account! Hmm ? ( was deleted? ) No problema, now we have better one, with exemple xD Regards Bau
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