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  1. Latter. im main on xat ajutor oficial help romanian not enough (have) be patience Please.
  2. Good night (hug)


  3. I think I forgot to add brandon and me. HMmmm MAIN OWNER OFICIAL XAT AJUTOR ok. tomarow speak for mino or sevda. or or or. No problem is me good friends (L)
  4. yeah. quickly responded. It is very fast. and carefully good.
  5. win 1000 xats who makes a better background. Atention Add + 1000 xats Now 2000 xats. For xat Ajutor Ajutor is xat help oficial romanian language. thanks for all.good luck. Use your imagination and do as the help (ajutor) romanian .. do something different. but be nice. finish contest in 31-08-2016 if we receive new offers competition finished no help here. possible xats are few, they do everything to xats? really. Thanks for all .. xat/ajutor
  6. prize is small, but makes us to have fun. to see who guesses or knows first. Come on. who knows or guesses the name. I'll give prize. the private message that xat to go. Let´s go play. MyGFisOutOfTowN (180043914) = 100 xats + Bonus 100 xats. win - Example image
  7. congratulations to all winners.
  8. Loading.. Prize today finish prize for all users. and is add here users who won. win.
  9. grats. now start work :$ joking.
  10. all game Call of duty black ops. No comment. and all game GTA OMG gooooodddd
  11. Shortnames oo yes. i like Bau Name short 3 letter. but is inposible. now. latter maybe yeah put this name for buying. Actions XD Bau (Y)
  12. Love is good.
    good is god.
    god is love.

    1. BomBonica
    2. Bau


      :p:$sorme tu vezi oare ce fac eu :$ ce scriu:$ (smirk)(scn):d

    3. BomBonica
  13. ok. all games just need waiting ehe.
  14. good night Forum Friends (L#) (hug)


  15. Very cute and i have EXample here who like thanks. When i have time send more suggestions. thanks Forum. <removed stolen content>
  16. in xat iBau is playing bot on prize. 12/7 of 01-08-2016 -up - 22-08-2016 Careful Just now I published the game, excuse. 10 xats who won game ! 10 xats (who) what user is chosen by bot 10 xats for 1 hours active on xat. Example: 100 hours active = 1000 xats. 10 xats everyone who enters the chat. first place: «« 2000 xats for user who have much hours active on xat. + Free days until the event ends second place 1500 xats + Free days until the event ends third place: «« 1000 xats + Free days until the event ends fourth place 500 xats + Free days until the event ends fifth place 250 xats + Free days until the event ends Note: 1 Days Per Day. click here for starting Contests and Events Rezultatele Finale: BomBonica3 (1518233452) Admin main No prize iBau (1138434737) Admin main No prize georgeaLina92 (1069659954) Admin main No prize DjBauBau123 (1175433504) Admin main No prize user ore + prize«Donatie« 1) iiiBorn111 (1506562280) 104,16 hrs Received 2500 xats Donate(1040 xats) 2) gabrieLLaroma88 (1513225157) 99.47 hrs Received 1000 xats Donate(1500 xats) 3) AniTaLismancheto (389861342) 86.26 hrs Received 1000 xats Donate(860 xats) 4) killer50009 (1502584351) 72,28 hrs Received 920 xats No donate 5) cretuion98 (579100891) 67,13 hrs Received 670 xats Donate(250 xats) Click here For more prize.
  17. Bau

    i started follow you (d)

  18. i hate you.
    is not racism
    is love :$

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