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  1. What music are you listening now when you read this message? oo yes. or if you do not listen to music, what are you doing now ?. I start: DMX - Let Me Fly I wrote this theme because almost everyone always listening to music. now already listen to this music: DMX - Ain't No Sunshine
  2. tratar de cambiar el idioma en el (xat). el juego captha puede ser el problema con el lenguaje (cambiar el idioma) .
  3. Holla @Rebor Si se hizo todo y sigue sin funcionar, Por favor cambia Inglés, y van bien. Posible ir si lo que dije. Gracias! (Idioma)
  4. The price is the same. ihaaaa LOL 50 xats one hours. 20-12-2016 keep it all so, It is very good. (L) http://prntscr.com/dlp4g2 http://prntscr.com/dlp52t
  5. Bau

    Pie Power

    XD Nothing is bad.
  6. and came to me to help people with this problem, Try OPERA. A friend of mine said that going good. Idk. go well with me. Maybe someone here knows more information.
  7. Bau

    List a Song

    LOOOOL You are good.
  8. Bau

    List a Song

    Coolio- Puff Daddy- I am more special, I sent two .
  9. Bau

    New Power (Potatoes)

    Expect to occur this power, or the smile. It´s great idea. but I think without success. LOL
  10. Bau


    I do not have this power. how can I help you. How can I help here. maybe an idea something. Now even I want to help, I can not. @Junyor I think so.
  11. Bau


    Very good. well successful another power. Now appear in store, It would be great
  12. possible Anyway I gave examples of all kinds.
  13. I already am a volunteer. but not a volunteer chat. (xat.com) You all are already a volunteer, if you know to help people. Give your time to help the world, already it is beautiful. I think you understand what I mean. If you're good at what you do, move on to get a volunteer. a volunteer really has more responsibility ´´LIABILITY´´ Qs.- Follow the rules and terms , and be active, is everyone's dream becomes reality. Not everyone wants to become a volunteer, and if he wants he deserves, with hard work and time, everyone can become what they want to be. I think and hope not to be told anything bad. I wrote all good. XD
  14. It has already been, for it is here in this forum to ask for help with logging. check forum ! This user knows everything about everyone not just me, he said anything about anyone, and they all said it was right, He was banned from the chat but anyway come. If he is innocent, I want him to come here and explain everything. a friend made ticket for he and a friend with him. I do not click on the link as all LOOOOOOL Pisicuto pis pis pis
  15. Hi @Lamingtons Everything you wrote has nothing with which I opened theme. it´s just Injustice. i no have any problem. Thanks for response, but not my theme. Read carefully what goes here.
  16. Hello everyone. To not take me bad, It shows you what happens. this person as chat and forum here, It shows that it is a bad person. and nobody does anything. <removed> Ps: when I write something on forum, and my sister gave me votes, was blocked, Why do not you talk to me? To understand if anyone here has sister or brother, and uses the same internet, mean that will be blocked.? ´´Yes or No ?´´« because my sister was. (a big mistake but it is good) it´s okay. let's do everything to be good : )) I should not have to write it here, I think that should be part of supportive. (support,Help) (helping).
  17. Hello. where you spend the most time? Simple. I always both equally. - but you ? if you see this message, greeting
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