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    This has happened once. (hippo)(sman)

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      :d Stop bro i cant translate while u are talking to me:o Flip:p


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  2. and my id is in your list LOL ty XD
  3. okay, this ptomotion work just for this xat .but it does not mean it is 20 xats Thai... XD Try other xat and you can see is all right, I just drew attention
  4. Idk ider girl. maybe a bugggggggggg. Try now Promotion.
  5. Cost Promotion is 50 xats per 1h 75% Discount. Ps. Never Promotion cost 20 xats. short name has nothing with Promotion. cost fix is 50 xats 1h-.
  6. @Admin You want to add more? smile- (firecrackers) - It is a good smile.
  7. 1.(noaudies) Because it is cheap and everyone can have this power. But 2016: (boo) and (sparklefx) and others ... 2. My course is xat.com/ajutor 3. all ´´everything´´ 4. I have a lot. Wow 5. I have no idea 6. ARCbots.com you can see the list here FIM
  8. It was opened several topics of this kind and I do not think it is necessary to kill the world for these things. I said yes you're right up, and now you want to do? when to be reliable people to be more volunteers, but it does not need. to stay away from this issue make up another login and use it when solve this problem, who decides here is Admin. it's better to not continue the discussion here. I'm out bye bye. i am tired for this topic.
  9. You are right, but no, but yes , but no, but yes. You should not be here to open such issues. Ps. Volunteers have the house and family of their lives and they can not sit here to answer all 24 hours a day, But, in 10000000000000 people just ten or more volunteers must answer for all or part of them.. have patience, be patience, ,by patience...... let's all get along. Dont worry be happy. christmas new year is let's not argue
  10. Not everyone can afford to have a beautiful name, not everyone can be with the beautiful name, because they are very expensive Power. All think differently, but our friends struggling for a good name, and fails, abandon chat for this reason that he fails to have beautiful name. Ps. question here why so expensive poweres? you want to have a lot of people, loyal customers, or stay with 10 people on chat...... These Power: namewawe, nameflag, namegrad. incluid statuscolor. Price for this powers its okay. 5000 each.or less. that everyone can have a good name. not only those who have money. Thank you for two minutes to read this message curtain. Name and status I think everyone should be able to use, For this reason must be power with low price.
  11. I expect more confidence, by xat, forum. etc. many are abandoned chat ´´xat.com´´ when someone wants to take care of an official chat is rejected or ignored the like may be responsible to care for chat. clase 1: xat.com/planeta Clase 2: xat.com/Lobby xat.com/Baratto xat.com/Ndim Maybe: Clase 3. nice xat, but always alone. xat.com/Mundoxat xat.com/Krapfik xat.com/Graphics xat.com/Jeux xat.com/La_Stanza xat.com/Comert Ps. It is not subject to talk, but I added some drawbacks. I added some things that bother me in chat. leave this world to take care of chat. It is many people who wants to take care of chat. But you have to let others take care. head up and go forward. Dont worry be happy. In the coming year I want everyone to wake up. Amin
  12. Hello, Yes, it is official; it's just no longer debug. It was updated due to lots of reported crashes. Related: https://forum.xat.com/topic/2589-crash-shockwave-browser/#comment-35161 You can see all official chats listed here: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Chats If you have more questions, you can ask. *edited by @muffins
  13. all is well do not panic, just have to change a message or two above. I certainly. XD we must be more careful, I and others who opened similar topics. ´´Sorry everyone´´. I listen and I'm not tired of listening. - it is old and very beautiful music. - Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise ft 2Pac, Snoop Dogg
  14. What music are you listening now when you read this message? oo yes. or if you do not listen to music, what are you doing now ?. I start: DMX - Let Me Fly I wrote this theme because almost everyone always listening to music. now already listen to this music: DMX - Ain't No Sunshine
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