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    UPgrade typing

    We all know how to move when writing this pen/typing in chat. When you write a message it is like you delete what you wrote. AND (when you delete message it is like you write message) I opened this topic to change, when you delete what you write in xat, pen/typing to move differently. (WithoutIMAGE) You know what I mean, right? If you haven't understood, ask me, and I'll try to explain. Regards Bau
  2. Bau

    Power: Rockstar!

    Hi SethTI I don't know if this idea is good, but I like it.
  3. @SLOom - xat.com/Ajutor still the same issue. Here you have a new xat to fix, Thank you! Chat name: radio_yaqui Chat Room ID: xat218903956
  4. No, because chat ID will be added to the same chat name. and it will be as it was before, the old chat.
  5. This xat was cloned, created again. You can find the old chat here: https://xat.com/xat220161729
  6. Well, i don´t know! Check the official xat Ajutor with the ID - xat.com/xat25447747 Now check the UNofficial xat Ajutor created by someone. - xat.com/Ajutor
  7. Remember, nothing is forever, wake up now that it may be late.(rolleyes)

  8. Exactly as xLaming mentioned. - When the chat is deleted you're able to create it on xat.com/create Check and see that it is true. Thank´s.
  9. Chat name: Ajutor Chat ID: xat25447747 Users Main owner: Mihay // It was cloned by someone. . ..
  10. chat name: Vagos_vip chat ID: xat219820159 Users MAin of chat: Mikke (1533580824) // Unconscient (1530667598)
  11. I want to apologize again to all people. This topic will be closed, we have had a quiet conversation with the xat staff xat Volunteers and it is not allowed to make this donation, for the good of all, thank you for understanding and that you are with us. Possible in the future to be allowed this, at the moment it is not allowed, I want you all to know this. This donation is over, but I want you to know that xats Nathan will receive it. Thank you all!
  12. Hello everyone, This time the donation goes to Nathan deserves all the respect from us. xat Name: Nathan xat USername/ID: Nathan (14014) Who can help you can help comment here, and you find me to receive from you everything you can offer. At 23:45 on the 31th, closed this topic, at the end I will add here a public Money/xats/days/powers transfer to all xats/days/powers gathered, or send it to everyone in private, after your choice. Please read the regulation before taking this step. Thank you. We've known each other for a while, I know you're a good person, even if we often don't get along, maybe that means friendship, always with each other, even if there's a quarrel between us. It is good to always help each other when we need to, I alone can not do what we can all do together. I will add all the offers here, after you send a message here with your offer and after receiving xats from you, I add your name here public or private, after your choice. NOTE: Only I can receive the donations until the time is up. (After this I will make a picture with evidence that everything you donated that person received the donation). Only when the time END´s Thank you all, I love you. - I offer 10k xats, Much success in life, less of me and more of God, be with us on xat always 1) Bau - Fonduri (304771992) = 10k xats
  13. You´re welcome! This is possible, but it goes to me without fixed the chat group. @SLOom - Did you forget about the chat I sent up? please check, the person cannot disable powers from this group. Thank´s! Assign powers - https://prnt.sc/ot168d
  14. Hi, 6 - For the future you will know how you can have ID chat. Come to - xat.com/ARCbot ( And use command - !roomid PokemonGo
  15. Note: this group disappeared 30 hours ago and was created again. but that old one exists even now when you enter the chat + ID. Exactly, the same Name« xat Group: RAdioamici2009 xat215596696
  16. (goo)



    1. LaFleur


      Likely a bug. We'll forward this. Thank you. @Bau

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    3. Bau


      You´re welcome @LaFleur

      Thank you.

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  17. Bau

    Personal ID

    Hi, Thanks for your answers. Vevrok/Solange/xLaming/stif - I'm 100% sure this thing I suggested doesn't exist in chat. Here you buy the short name: xat.com/shortNAME Here you may buy Short ID: xat.com/ShortID I know many do not agree with this idea, but I open this idea, because I know there are people who want to have personal ID purchased from xat.com and not from the auction xat. Right Paulo, Good Question: why not selling? The idea is to buy a single ID per person, IPs / name / Location and you cannot sell it, because if you want ID´s to sell you can buy from other people who have bought from the auction. This id that you buy here should be well thought out and buy it with your heart, not like everyone else buying and selling. I don't expect profit from xat.com. Let's just have this, to know that no one is obliged to buy here, I'm sure I'll buy here. maybe even if it is 50% cheaper but you can't sell, so think carefully before buying ID´s here. Thank´s!
  18. Bau

    Personal ID

    Hello everyone, How do you feel today? I´m fine, I hope everything is okay with you all. I want to suggest something to you all. There may be the possibility of requesting an ID, just like a shortname, to be added to the sale. Why not? What you can't do after you buy ID. - Can´t sell the ID. (You buy,is your risk, read the rules well, Only who wants a personal id understands what I'm talking about). What you can do after you buy the ID. - Can change the USername/shortName I hope my idea is heard by the admin. Regards Bau.
  19. ARCbots is maintenance, we'll come back later, sorry for the inconvenience.


    1. Bau


      We are back! (hug)


  20. Hello everyone xatFamily, as I promised so and I did. My 5 reasons to stay here on xat.com. 1) - xat.com/Ajutor/assistance I love this xat´s for a long time, but I started building my empire some years ago, when I helped the admin with a test and he was happy. This happened on xat.com/Ajutor and xat.com/Ajuda. I was always happy in xat´s, the only mistake was to trust the wrong people. 2) - ARCbots.com I spend a lot of time here helping people with BOT´s I am happy, and I always had a good relationship with everyone, even though it was time when there were small conflicts, that I had reasons to leave. (above I mentioned why) Thanks to the whole staff/members that is with us to make ARCbots as professional and friendly as possible. 3) - My insistence to bring confidence and peace, which has long been absent in the xat´s, has only remained in a few people who continue to fight for the xat´s to be better and better. Not everyone likes me, but I can't say I like everyone. (it´s a life). I almost didn't do anything for xat, if that is your thought, because xat´s does not leave a chance for everyone to start from the beginning, let others vote or choose before choosing admin. Here is a big mistake people can take personally, but that's not all, that's done is for xat´s. 4) - Everypower/contests/events/fórum/wiki/FriendsXAT. - I like all the powers in chat, even if it does not use all powers. - I like to do contests and events whenever I can and I have the possibility. (I feel that the person is as happy as me, I can offer what I have and the person to receive what I could offer, that motivates me). - I like forum and I am almost always active, but invisible. - The Wiki is great, it offers a lot of information about powers, security for xat.com, staff, and more. - I don't have many real friends in xat, but I have many friends in xat, and they are all good friends. (I love you all) - We all know that no one is perfect, but we always find a person who is perfect, even if it is just for us. I do not consider myself a perfect person, but I am honest and I always try to go on the right path. 5) - Mundosmilies.com / Mundoxat.com - xatWorld.com It is great to know that there are still people who work to give other people comfort without thinking about money or expecting something in return (I'm sure they deserve all the respect from us, thank you very much) Keep doing this because you are doing a good job. Do not consider 1 to 5, all the reasons are of the same degree. I have many more reasons, but I asked for 5 and had to respect the 5 reasons that were also requested by me. Regards Bau
  21. Bau

    Thank you ?

    I think Steven is right in what he says. And I want to add, we all do for someone, including xat´s, we don't have to expect something from this, we help, that's all. Yes, a thank you would be fine. I received thanks from Admin a few years ago, I do not know exactly, 3 -5 years, when I helped with Paysafecard test, and other methods of buying xats. I did not expect but thanks from him, it was a motivation for me. Now to come back to this topic, We all who are trying to bring this popular chat again, we are few, I think that the Admin will have time to thank everyone, not everyone with a message, but a public message with everyone's name included. To know, Always when I help or make mistakes without realizing it, I apologize, and thank you all!
  22. Bau


    Buenas Kopas Sí, puedes hablar con el propietario principal de este chat (Game) y él verificará con el historial del chat / bots quién es el culpable. ._- Click here « Puede presentar una queja aquí para el administrador en xat (Game) .-. Click aqui « Para presentar una queja. 1) Elige una opcion 2) - Agrega tu nombre 3) - Un correo valido 4) - Toda la información que tiene, para concluir la queja! 5) - Demuestra que no eres un robot´s. Perdón por mi español. (No puedo escribir muy bien).
  23. Hello The winner: comment-109644 - @L3OZ1N HOW This WORk? Soon Another Contest, Enjoy!
  24. Bau


    Ola, RadioTugaNet Queria muito ver o seu Banner « So pra dar uma olhada se esta tudo certo, você também me pode encontrar no xat de assistance «
  25. Hi, It´s Perfect« Now I don't have to create anything, it's already created, the only problem is that I can't use it. My website is so complex that I can't afford to add anything else. Time does not give me hope and xat does not give me confidence. Good JOB, Thank´s!
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