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  1. Bau

    556 MAX

    Right, NO, but my cat it´s not Blue
  2. Bau

    556 MAX

    Hi It's a beautiful color, but not for a cat, admits it is true ?! Why is it called MAX? Where did you get this name for a blue cat? Why not Blue cat, call this power? Anyway, it's a pretty good/cute power.
  3. Hello everyone. xat Name: José xat USername/ID: JoseMigueLx (1111101581) This person has serious problems, he has cancer, it is a problem and a disease that is hard to CURED. I do not know if this situation is true or not, I want it not to be true and I can help. I do not want anyone to go through such a situation. (Sorry). I do not know much about this situation right now, but I want to be a family, so that's us, is not it ?! (Who can help you can help comment here, and you find me to receive from you everything you can offer, he needs around 20k / 50k xats to sell, i buy xats, and i want to give money on xats to buy Medicines. At 23:45 on the 27th, Saturday closed this topic, at the end I will add here a public money transfer to all xats gathered, or send it to everyone in private, after your choice. Please read the regulation before taking this step. Thank you. I will add all the offers here, after you send a message here with your offer and after receiving xats from you, I add your name here public or private, after your choice. Thank you all, I love you. - I offer 5k xats, be good health Jose, and be with us on xat always 1) Bau - Fonduri (304771992) = 5k xats
  4. Hello The winner: #comment-109285 - @Solange HOW This WORk? Soon Another Contest, Enjoy!
  5. Bau

    Power Ant

    Hi, This idea has been suggested.
  6. Hello everyone, xat Family has decided to give a new powers randomly to forum user. YOU ALL - Just respond with your username and your id in this topic to participate. - Do not use other accounts to try to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified - The winner (s) have to contact me within 24 hours after posting the winners to receive their prize, otherwise another winner will be randomly selected; If the winner is held for any reason, another winner will be selected randomly; Time END Deadline for publication: 21/07/2019 | The winner will be chosen in Fonduri xat wih ARCbots BOT. We will choose the winner with bot help, if you want to see who is the winner and get her prize if you win, go to xat.com/Fonduri OR Bau/Ajutor/ARCbot/Troca/xat5/trade Good luck xatFamily!
  7. Can be safe 50%. I do not think this is very safe 100% (I know that nothing is safe in this world, but I think an alternative email saves the whole safety issue), talking to someone from friends or foreigners has access to email, you can remain without powers, xats in your account. Here we mentioned an automatic safety message when logging in.
  8. ID: 555 Name: (CREATURE) Status: Limited stat: Smiley Price: Not Found (Not Yet) Wiki: xat.wiki/Creature Smilies: (creature) (crblush) (crstareye) (crsweat) (crthink) (crupside) (crbrows) (creyeroll) (crhehe) Hats: hc Example: Creature power. Enjoy New power Thank´s Sloom for the info about Hat code.
  9. Hi everyone, Soon new Contest.


  10. Wow @Arthur xD



  11. Hi, You made/make giff? 
    Come on xat Bau/ajutor, we have clients for you (awE) 

  12. Bau

    554 BABY

    Nice, You always have beautiful powers, I hope this will continue forever.
  13. Bau

    Automatic message

    Hello everyone. I have read all your comments carefully, I am very glad to know you liked it. I want to explain a few things that were questions, or nuclear. I did not say what / when or where these messages can be added. - These messages can be added to HTML5, if you say this will not be possible, I honestly will not believe you. - Each of us can have a new panel with a name and a new password for all the necessary information [why not]. Example: can be upgraded xat.me and power (me)« About History and Security. - In HTML5 it is possible to create each user to have his / her history, Example, which device was last logged in, or the last 10,000 times. - Alternative email if someone is trying to sign in from another device. you get a message with a code that you can log in, so it's impossible for someone to get the code from an email that does not know what it is. More Messages Automatic. For all who buy power from store or trade chat. - Congratulations {name} in the last week / month / year you bought/sold 10/100/1000 powers. For people who help xat.com, they've always been together. (Motivation). - Congratulations {name} this week you have been chosen to win a free power, Thanks for your support. For all people (there may be someone who does not know there is a xat.com facebook page). - Hello {name}, you have one hour / two hours / five hours / ten hours of activity today on xat's, Do you know our xat's Facebook page? Visit fb.com/xatchats. This can be changed with any message, anytime, My text is added as an example, please do not be rude, it's just an idea, taken as such. Good night, Thank´s.
  14. It's nice, I'm looking forward to seeing what my Bg looks like. (You know).
  15. It's not a problem selling the short name, you need to know who you sell. Many of the volunteers or staff in the xat ofifical sold the short name without any problem, and now it is forbidden to do so. By the end, is it trade or not ?! I understand that maybe it is not allowed to write: I sell short name, but status, and private message is allowed, it has always been. If you want, I can bring real evidence.
  16. https://prnt.sc/obj04o LOJA xat You can sell all yours ID´s « About Shortnames, YES, You can sell them, it´s about LOJA/store « It´s allowed to sell everything, if not, it need be LOL. (For friends/family ),
  17. Bau

    Automatic message

    Exactly, almost any website we can say has this, even mine, is very easy to implement, is enough admin to want the rest we do. I can say this (It's a joke to say it's not a joke). Thank you for appreciating this idea.
  18. Hello everyone, How do you feel today? What do I mean by automatic message ?! But I want to add something that has not yet been added, but it has been discussed. - Add as long as you have, married / bff - And history to all you have in relationship, (You can have the opportunity to delete or save history). Eg: Congratulation you have a month/year together Bff/Married « - Let's have an automatic message where it shows when your birthday is. (First of all, there must be a possibility where we can add when it's our day, it's not necessary how many years you have, or what year you are born, to be preferential, nothing obligatory). Eg for You: Happy birthday Bau, We are glad you chose xat's, have a beautiful day. Eg For all of yours friends: Your friend Bau is his birthday, you can congratulate him for a much more beautiful day than is the moment. These simple and beautiful things can make your day more beautiful in xat. And many other automatic messages can exist in xat's. You can suggest below if you have any ideas on this suggestion.
  19. Bau

    553 NAT

    Hi Everyone I think it is a very successful, beautiful power. I think there must be something for free. "So that all people can use before buying power, and of course something simple and nice free brings much more interest to buy something you've already used that you can use with your Friends/Family. Maybe I'm wrong with something, but I know one thing, there is no loss without trying. Regards Bau
  20. Hi Kopas Fonduri (304771992)
  21. FAIL - @Crow  (swt) I can´t send hehehe  Was funny :$ 


  22. Bau

    New Pawn Diamond

    Hi Dan And many more have been suggested in the past. (some of them were deleted)
  23. Don´t come close to me, because you´re a good person.

    1. Mihai





  24. Bau

    552 HEAT

    Hello to all, I think it is a successful Power, very good work. I understand that everyone is tired of repeating powers or powers that are not interesting or beautiful as they want. @LaFleur has created a page with all our suggestions, now volunteer, do you have a word to say ?! Please speak to them, for all of us, we want all our suggestions to be made this year. @Crow , And you are volunteer, you have a lot of interesting and beautiful suggestions, why do not you make these suggestions to be done. I will not mention everyone here because it is useless, you all know what you did, we all have a lot of interesting suggestions, I do not talk about my own, you can not take them into consideration, but I talk to everyone with great suggestions of powers. Enjoy NEW POWER!
  25. If you are willing to die for someone, it is advisable to start living for that one. 
    Say I love you person/animal near you, and your life will change radically.

    I love you all. (sry)

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