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  1. Yes, but I don't think it's enough, it will never be enough, because let's imagine, someone makes a scam, and after the scam sells that IDs, who suffers is the person who buys those IDs. Of course there are volunteers and Admins who checks this information, in the end everything is solved, sees that it was another person who committed a scam. [it can take some time, days, weeks and even months]. With all these criticisms and praises from me, I continue to support this idea 100%. Thank´s.
  2. Hello xJapa I support your Idea, but if someone has a long name and ID, can it be too big for the trade app page? If this does not disturb the transaction between users, then I agree/suggest to add the chat name, nick Name, Username/ID Chat name: The chat name where you trade Nick name: Your Nick name in the chat [How is it at the moment when you trade] Username/ ID: Name and ID register xat.com More It is just a suggestion and should be treated as such. . .
  3. Bau

    Reactions Features

    I like Kale and Steven's suggestion. I want to suggest some ideas. Here we go - To be able to create your own list of smilies so that others can react. [To be able to add a smilies you want]. - Kale´s Suggestion - To be able to see who reacted [without days] - Steven´s Suggestion - Who doesn't have days to be able to react once and who has days to be able to add a limit of 3 or 5 different smilies [Main chat, not only the private] - To be able to react to your own message [It can be helpful when we ask a question: React to (👍) if you want to do xats and days contest, react to (👎) if you don't want to do contest]. add the first reactions yourself as an initiative for users. Where did I come up with this idea? - Today I wanted to react to the same message several times and I couldn't. [don't ask why, I think it might be useful] - I found a chat bug where a person reacted twice, and I found it interesting, this bug did not happen by mistake, it is destiny. xP If we talk about with Days and without days, I think the one who has days must have more options. It is interesting to receive reactions from everyone, anyway, users with days will be able to add more reactions. When someone sends a message how much they love you, and you can't find words to answer, you add more reactions to show what you didn't say in words. It is just a suggestion and should be treated as such.
  4. Bau


    xat (42) Instead iBau (14014)
  5. Congratulations Mc, you deserve it!
  6. Thank you all for the support. _____________________________ DjFunny I understand your point, but none of this will happen, as long as it is based only on the first smilies or based of parenthesis [we have two usage variants that do not interfere with the tex] Eg write the name * zoom * and keep writing text, no power will appear. if that name is not found. Suppose we add * zoomly * Zoomgly * Zoomy * no smiley or power will appear and you will be able to continue writing your text without being bothered by the smilies bar. - To add a smiley you will need a keyword (NameSmileyHERE). - You can write text that nothing will appear, only when you open the parenthesis it will also appear as I mentioned above. I support this idea 100%, not that I added it, but that it can make it easier to use at xat.com.
  7. Hello xat-ers - When you start typing the name power or a smile, it starts to appear after each letter you add. - To enable and disable this option [maybe not everyone wants to use it, so you have the chance to disable or enable it] - When you add, for example, the letter G, all the smiles and powers that start with the letter G will appear: Guestself, Gline and others. [to show the list in a light color background to give a more beautiful look to the chat] I added an example gif and image, it's not perfect, but I hope you understand the idea. MP4eg If you have questions based on this idea, please post them here, if you have something you would like this idea to be added to, you can add it here and it will be your credit added to the main idea above. What do you say about this idea? Regards Bau
  8. Bau

    Stealth mode

    I want to congratulate Solange for this suggestion, it has been added in the latest version.
  9. Damn, the old days will never be the same.

    Administrator means Owner. (sry)

  10. Bau

    xat bug

    Hello DjPio It's a bug, but you have nothing to worry about. The messages sent by you privately that appeared on the Main chat only you see them, no one else can see those messages. This is still happening and I hope it will be resolved in the future, as it may scare users who are not informed that only private messages that appear on the main page you see. At least that's what happens to me and others, I can't understand how you received a ban from private messages ?! Can you explain more about this, maybe you sent a bot message in private not between users ?! You said you had proof, but I don't see that you received ban from the bot, just what I explained above about private messages and chat main. - In which chat did you receive ban? - When, on what day? - Do you have proof when you received the ban? Regards Bau
  11. Wow, looks amazing now

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      Need one but whit your crazy things  xd

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      about transfer.


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      here you have suggestion about Bau. LOL


  12. Bau

    Gline #Show

    Hello xat-ers I bring a new idea today, idea are mine, but they come from xatchat Feedback, if you have a new idea / suggestion that does not exist in xat.com and you think it needs to be added, you can enter xat feedback to communicate with the staff there, an educated and very wise staff who will be happy to listen to you and guide you on how to proceed. Don't forget to visit Feedback _____________________ My suggestion is to be able to see the smiley in real time when we change the smiley bar on chat [gline power] It is very simple what I ask, so I will not explain much, if you have questions please ask. How it will work ImageEg [ - It is just an idea and should be treated as such. Thank you.
  13. Now guys, pay more attention to jokes with Lemonade. Congratulations lady Lemon.
  14. Bau

    Reactions Features

    Hello, I'm glad to see new things added to the chat, but when there's something suggested by users, it's more than a suggestion, maybe it was added without us suggesting such ideas, but we all know how useful ideas are. Thank you!
  15. Hello I don't like and with that, I want to make a new suggestion. What do you say [Quote] appears at the end of the message, so as not to get involved in smiles and the message sent in the chat. Sometimes it is very difficult to add [Quote] messages when the message is short and smilies next to it, an example is in the video. VideoEg __________________________________________ I also want to remind you that with this idea that I have suggested in the past, it will be much easier to add messages [Quote] because the messages will stay where you want. If you don't know what suggestion I'm talking about, check here. [Messages will not disappear as an added example]. Please if you do not understand something to ask, I will answer everyone as soon as possible. Regards Bau
  16. Bau

    Who's online list issue

    I don't even appear on this list [Anonymously mode]
  17. Bau

    627 WORMS

    For two days I've been watching Mihay doing tests with this cute/nice/funny power and everyone was laughing, today I see that this was really the new power. Thank´s.
  18. wow, thank you for following me.

  19. Bau


    I can guarantee the feedback is more active than Mosa3adeh No hate, plis
  20. I understand what you want to convey, but you don't think this name has more than we can imagine. Let's take the right path. Volunteers provide time for xat.com, as well as users. [also users for xat.com] While we are talking, they may respond to the ticket at this time. While other users may harm/scam other users, volunteers with Admin try to resolve user issues. We are also volunteers, but in a different way of expression. All of us who buy xats know that we do more for ourselves, so we can buy powers. ___________ I'm not on anyone's side, but I know how to define the right thing by the wrong thing. I don't see, I can't imagine the slightest reason why NOT. No one gave a reason, why NOT. If you think that others do not deserve what you do not have or cannot have, it is your opinion, but if this bothers you it is a mistake, the problem is with you, not with them. I don't expect to have this pawn, but it would be a pleasure to see others using it. While we complain about what has not been done, we forget to thank for everything that has been done so far. [this makes me sad ] Probably talking like that, we don't know what responsibility means. Regards guys
  21. Hello xat-ers I want to allow the use of smileys for users and when they are in private not only on chat main, as long as they are on chat where that power is Assigned. I don't know how many of you want this, and I don't know why not everyone can use chat power as long as it's assigned, regardless of main chat or private chat. Maybe can be an option in which the main owner can decide whether or not users can use private emoticons. If I assign a power on chat, I want all users to be able to use it on Main/ Private chat. Regards Bau
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