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  1. Very cute and i have EXample here who like thanks. When i have time send more suggestions. thanks Forum. <removed stolen content>
  2. in xat iBau is playing bot on prize. 12/7 of 01-08-2016 -up - 22-08-2016 Careful Just now I published the game, excuse. 10 xats who won game ! 10 xats (who) what user is chosen by bot 10 xats for 1 hours active on xat. Example: 100 hours active = 1000 xats. 10 xats everyone who enters the chat. first place: «« 2000 xats for user who have much hours active on xat. + Free days until the event ends second place 1500 xats + Free days until the event ends third place: «« 1000 xats + Free days until the event ends fourth place 500 xats + Free days until the event ends fifth place 250 xats + Free days until the event ends Note: 1 Days Per Day. click here for starting Contests and Events Rezultatele Finale: BomBonica3 (1518233452) Admin main No prize iBau (1138434737) Admin main No prize georgeaLina92 (1069659954) Admin main No prize DjBauBau123 (1175433504) Admin main No prize user ore + prize«Donatie« 1) iiiBorn111 (1506562280) 104,16 hrs Received 2500 xats Donate(1040 xats) 2) gabrieLLaroma88 (1513225157) 99.47 hrs Received 1000 xats Donate(1500 xats) 3) AniTaLismancheto (389861342) 86.26 hrs Received 1000 xats Donate(860 xats) 4) killer50009 (1502584351) 72,28 hrs Received 920 xats No donate 5) cretuion98 (579100891) 67,13 hrs Received 670 xats Donate(250 xats) Click here For more prize.
  3. Bau

    i started follow you (d)

  4. i hate you.
    is not racism
    is love :$

  5. Bau

    Turtle Power

    wow so cute . OMG i need this powers i like this smiles aaaa. good job (L)
  6. who need help in romanian Language come here xat.com/ajutor
    Cine are  nevoie de ajutor cu si despre xat, intra aici xat.com/ajutor 


  7. zMiDJojU.jpg
    Pot sa nu fiu asa cum voi toti vreti. dar sa stiti ca sunt singurul care poate se preface ca este Rau.
    By Bau

  8. Portugallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :$

  9. idk DD


    testing forum. its good OMG


  10. Dont worry be happy(shock)

    1. Bau


      :$ july 9 wow mush time ogo.


    2. Christina


      I am always happy.  LOL

    3. Bau


      It is very good, it is well (shock) LOOOOOOOOOL

  11. (goo) (stick#yOdzyvkgdG9CB9trEMbj1yB8DjoYX4PtNQgBga8qCKEH=#r)(stick#CJKSxtnomy9JGaWK7UHZHJTtQdkil03pAQ) fail nice smile
  12. ihaaaa first msg here . 
    Bau back . xd

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