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  1. Let's argue !? (smirk)

  2. It's a pretty nice power Thanks Mihay, Cherry
  3. Spoiler


    Does it happen to you when you try to answer the status in the forum ?!
    When I open a new forum page it shows status with reply from me, but in the page where I send reply to status it shows saving, it has not been sent yet.

    1. Maxo


      Yeah it happens sometimes, on replying a status and a message too 

    2. Bau


      Thanks MAxo!

    3. xLaming


      Yeah it happens to me everytime,


      Hey @Andre :$


      Basically status is posted, but, ajax is still loading until you refresh xD

  4. This forum is no longer what it once was, worse every day, Damn (swt)

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    2. Solange


      I agree with Norman.


      It's not the forum, it's just that we have less users than past years, and I'm talking about the whole website. Therefore, we also have less activity on the forum as a consequence.


      Anyway, let's not lose hopes and let's have faith in the future.

    3. Magic


      Everything that encompasses xat became boring.(swt)


      All are mostly gone.:(

    4. Bau


      Thanks guys for the answer(sry)

      I don't know what is sadder, to have few people or each of these few not to do their part.

      To be many to do nothing and to be few to do nothing we come out in the same result.

      I certainly don't say anything to anyone now, but I say what I see, failed promises, words thrown in the wind.

      Everyone thinks it's easy, Yes, almost anyone can be a volunteer, a contributor a chat manager, but not everyone is able to keep, [Of course there are some qualities you should have, some of them is behavior and knowledge] I have said this many times and many thought I was rude.

      I hope everything´s good with you all.(cute)

  5. Probably everything you'll hear here will be lies. I'm sure you can see what xat.com means to us, to everything we do for xat.com.
  6. Hello xat-ers It would be great to be able to sell gifts and the sale should be artificial not for users. We all have when we receive a Gift from someone we don't want to keep. What are we doing? How do we proceed? [We delete the received gift, or add it privately if it is inappropriate from any of our friend]. How about earning days and xats from this? Make Sold: means deleted from the list of gifts, but the gift is saved in a page of gifts sold. [Sell] Make Deleted: Means deleted from the list and from the entire page. [Delete] Make Private: Means Private, no one can see the message. [Private] Eg: I would send you a gift of 50 or 100 xats you can sell it at 25 and 50 xats. [These xats can only be used to be able to buy gifts for users] Maybe you can use the other xats as well, meaning there is no difference and when you sell a gift, xats will automatically be added to your xat account. So you can be able buying xats, days, powers. So there are two ways 1) These xats can only be used to be able to buy gifts for users. 2) When you sell a gift xats will automatically be added to your xat account. So you can be able buying xats, days, powers. It is just an idea and should be treated as such. If you have any questions or anything to add to this suggestion, leave them in the comments. A poll has been added where you can express how much this suggestion/idea can be useful. Thank you in advance. Regards Bau.
  7. Is awesome, I like it, Perfect profile xat. Suggestion - Social Media can be added. xat.com/ [name of the chat] xat.wiki/ [Name of any page wiki, power you like, any useful stuff] Tiktok.com/ [name of the tiktok] website: [Link, name and Icons of the website] About Social Media: It would also be useful if you could add more social networks of facebook, twitter, and others. [It is helpful for all those who have two or more facebook, twitter accounts. . .] Website: Against fraud/scam it can be done in the same way that a promotion banner is approved before it is used and appears to the public. Or [be optional for paid or trusted users]. Thanks
  8. Congratulation Maxo. [MainOwnerAugust] Enjoy guys these Contests/events.
  9. It's just an idea, it doesn't mean it can be or is added. Yes, you are right there is a button in the chat where you can easily buy xats, [But that can be initiative, make users buy, and remind them where to buy] Eg. I know I can buy xat.com/buy, I also know many users who can sell me xats. [But this does not mean that if there is something additional it can bother or damage]. As is my idea, I continue to support this idea.
  10. Hello Enter, Thanks for reply. I'm not sure, but you probably missed the most important tip. [Not for those who know, for those who do not know]. Do you mind when you try to transfer xats, days or gifts to users and write this message? If not, why not add it to guide people who don't know where to buy xats.
  11. Hello xat-ers Today I bring a simple idea, with which I am sure it can be helpful, I will explain as well as possible so that you can all understand. When you run out of days or xats and try to make a transfer, this message appears, as if you don't have enough xats or days. It would be desirable to appear in this message where users can buy xats / days or even a link to the page: xat.com/buy This may not be useful to me or many of the users, because we know where to buy xats and much more, but new users do not know this and will be happy to be directed to the purchase page, it is easier and it becomes easier to use the xat chat. It is just an idea and should be treated as such. If you have any questions about this suggestion, please leave in the comments. Regards Bau
  12. Congratulations to all participants, you must be proud of your work, whether you won or not, it matters that you participated, you gain experience that will help you in the future. We are all waiting for you on xat5, xat_test always when you can. Enjoy xatchat
  13. I agree with what you say, but let's not forget that the people who are now in xat are on their own initiative. Lemona or I and the others can't keep people in xat. [Maybe I'm wrong]
  14. Hey Guys, We haven't talked about this in a long time. Congratulations to all who received this pawn and the name to be verified. More info« Volunteers Crow, LaFleur, Stif, Cupim, Solange, Sydno, Andre Developer Sloom, Junior Forum Moderator Lemona Smiley Makers Mihay, Mike Resellers Mister, Kyle, Bryan, Aghetto ____________________________________________ I'm curious to know how you got what you don't want, you don't agree for others to have. No offense Ariana Grande
  15. What about: Banreason or ReasonBan Because the added ones are some reasons, I think the closest is BanReasons or ReasonsBan. [Because you will be allowed to add more reasons, to be called Reasons] About TimeBan Time is added according to the reason, so no time is given without a reason, ban time is added for some reason. I don't think the name BanTime should be added. My opinions. ____________________ Once again, congratulations to Slint and everyone who worked to make his idea a reality.
  16. Hello, ARCbots. I don't choose because it's the best, or because I use ARCbots! I choose ARCbots because we have been working together for many years, we have gone through many hard and easy times together. Everyone knows where my house is The question´s: What is your favorite xat bot provider? - My favorite bots are all here from this list: https://xat.wiki/Bot - ARCbots, OpenBOT, LP89, FEXBots, xatbot. Because I know that everyone has worked hard to provide bots to moderate chat, prevent spam, flood, innap including games you can play, you can add words in which the bot responds, you can add funny things, vote for the favorite radio song and more. I just said some of what you can do with these wonderful bots. That's why I ask everyone to enjoy all the bots here and choose the bots they like, no matter who they are. And never forget to thank the entire staff of bots, who provide daily support so that we all have the best bots, comfort and pleasure. Regards Bau
  17. Yeah, I agree. [I also don't want anyone else to see the transfers or when I trade] I think no one want this. But this to save the history of users in chat, can make everyone use chat trade more, most of the time when scams is done, they do it on another chat, not on xat trade. Maybe for this reason they will be afraid to transfer/ Trade to another chat, and they will only do it on xat Trade. I gave this reason above, I don't know if it's enough: I have a chat in which all members receive daily days and it is important to have this stuff. - Every user who would create a chat, wants to have total control over his chat, and I think it is normal to see who and what he does in the chat, that it is his chat, his responsibility to know any movement in the chat. - It's simple, who doesn't want to know anything when trading or transferring, can create a chat and trade/ transfer on his chat, or use Trade chat - Also when you trade or transfer and where power/option is Assigned/activated, write a message such as: Attention: for the safety of all transfer and trade is saved in the database of this chat. All users will know in which chat the transfers are saved. - If this is to be applied publicly to users, other security verification questions will be needed. [I don't think it's hard to verify an account, now we have very advanced tools, including working with the police in the worst situations, xat have my full support. And Slint idea is not a bad one, another way that users can check at any time when they have traded or transferred in the past. [using email] Even if you sell ID everything stays saved in the email. Thank you Guinho, Duygu, Slint.
  18. Bau

    Rose Gold Pawn

    Oh damn, Cute one. It could be made of pink, it is cheap where almost everyone can use it xD About this idea, I agree with what was said above 2 or more GOLD powers to allow you to use a different color to gold. Regards Bau
  19. Hello Guinho, I understand! Thanks. It's just an idea, but we can change from everyone's history to that chat for Main owner only. Everyone who makes a transfer is not saved, only what the main owner transfers is saved. [I want this, I have a chat in which all members receive daily days and it is important to have this stuff] Maybe a power where everyone can see their transactions, and as you mentioned, after selling IDS to erase all history.
  20. Hello xat-ers Today I have an idea that I really want to be added to the chat [In the past it was added to the bot for everyone, now I want it to be added only for those who have the chat password, or be one of the permissions of Main owner, probably to either need active power (main) on chat. Only transfer of xats and days. [Trade app to be optional or excluded because I don't know if it can work too, but it was desirable as long as we are a paid User, we deserve to have the transfer/trade history] I think that for those who do chat contests it can be like a proof, if it fails to take a Screenshot or for other reasons. - The Main owner should be optional so that they can see the history only if it is added to access, but whoever has the chat password has full access - So as a bot, you don't need to add the password to be the main owner, you can add any bot of any rank, including the main owner without the password, this means that no bots will be able to read the transfer history. [is totally safe] - For security reasons and because someone made a complaint has been disabled in the past on bots, now for the chat manager, I see no reason not to add it. EgVideo I'm not sure if I explained well for everyone to understand, if you have any questions for this suggestion please write in the comments. It is just an idea and should be treated as such. __________________________________________________ More random ideas: Regards Bau
  21. Bau

    The limit of days

    Ding Ding Ding I want to announce that the limit from 9001 days is now 10000. Keep it up, thanks Admin
  22. I like. I also want to add if we can choose what colors to add to smiley power. Eg. (smiley#color1#color2#color3)
  23. Hello xat´ers Today I bring a new suggestion that I do not know if it has been discussed in the past. So that we can each add social networks on our profile, what we need, how we can do it, you can find the answers below. What we need/Don´t need? [Those without register will not be able to add anything] - We need to be registered [xat.com/register] - You don't need days, [it works with and without days] How we can do it? 1) Click In your Nickname chat 2) Settings 3) You may add Name of your all Social networks. [xat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. . . .] Eg. What will it look like before and after you add social networks. Vs - What does xat mean? - xat mean your xatChat room. - Can I use another chat if I don't have my own chat room? - NO! But you can use Home Page for that. - What is it used for then? - So people can see what your official chat room is. - What if I don't add or have my own chat? - Nothing happens, no chat will appear when someone clicks on you. - I have a chat, but I don't want to add or show it here. - Leave the white space blank, and no chats will appear. _____________________________ If you have questions addressed to this idea you can add in the comments, I will answer as soon as possible with the highest quality answer. It is just an idea and should be treated as such. - Thanks to Dimple for allowing me to use her account as an example. [xat_Test, xat5] Regars Bau
  24. Was 16M Is 14014 will be . . .
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