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  1. I'm glad to see such a brilliant idea, I don't know why I didn't comment earlier. It's an example of what it might look like if we could resize it in chat. [What do you think about this?] I'm not proud of the example I added, but I think you understand the idea.
  2. You can promote many times, but it is saved only once 1h. I promoted 4 times with an hour, and only one promotion hour was saved.
  3. Oh, not a simple smileyFlag, but let the whole status be a flag. Now I understand, thank you. Yes, I like the idea Also I think that for this idea you have to open a new topic #suggestions, it is a totally different idea from Statusfx.
  4. Hello XATers This idea is simple, you can add a Comment/Message and React to the status of your friends. - Against Spam/Flood [Limit 1/3 messages for each register account]. - React with a smiley [You can add what smiley people can use for react to your STATUS] A page will open in which the status will appear and you can react or comment on the status. With all copyright for images «» It is just a suggestion and should be treated as such...
  5. Hello DJFUNNY, Not sure who but has been suggested in the past suggestios about `AllowSmileyStatus´ It's an idea similar to yours. Also if you want to use smiley to your status, you can use from here «, only you will see complete smiley. [maybe in the future everyone will be able to add smilies from xat]. ________________ Also Statusfx has similiar idea
  6. Bau

    Married and BFF

    Hey Scan This idea was requested multiple time. I support this idea.
  7. Bau

    new power namefx

    I agree, How about power NICK? Only the user who makes changes can see. First 1- This idea can only be added for the buyer, no one should see the effect added by the user who buys power NAMEfx I know it's not what it seems, but there may be people who really like these effects, even if no one sees what effects he uses. Many people like to use not to show other people what they use. A second 2- Option/command ON/OFF where we can stop the effects in the chat room. [Everyone who uses {OFF effects} will not see what effects are used in chatRoom] _________________________________
  8. Congratulations Luana, good/best luck.
  9. HELP (111) - Old Volunteer About Ayuda and Ajuda, not sure but I think the admin created these ACCOUNTnames, so that no one can buy them, for the safety of xat.com or as Henrique said one of the staffXAT uses. There is also Sam (100) with a 3-digit name/ID.
  10. Hello guys Interesting what is being discussed here. Many people with interesting ideas that can bring some benefit to xat.com. This topic has been discussed many times, the last time it was discussed, there was a revolt between xat.com users. My idea is to add TOPIC of Suggestions for approval, or leave it as it is now, just please improve the suggestions offered by users, for criticism we can use private message, to say what we do not like. When a new suggestion is added must be prepared for any criticism, but is a little unmotivated and sad. __________________
  11. Happy Birthday @Jans @Page @Yahir 

    Enjoy every day as a birthday and your life will be a perfect life...


    1. Page


      Thnx baucito ❤️ Of course I’ll enjoy and yeeees I have cake 🎂😌

    2. Bau
  12. My new suggestion for statusfx is to be able to add link in status2, if it is possible to add now, it means that there is an error, I tried to add and it is not saved when I add link. After saving, it appears like this in status: httpsxatcom It should normally look like this: https://xat.com It is just a suggestion and should be treated as such....
  13. Sell 2021 days for 26000 xats.
    I sell to the first person interested in buying.

    1. Bau


      Sold Already.

      User capLjinac2016 (1263323813) Bought.

  14. For use Statusfx only needs status, if you want to have color you can use statusglow and statuscolor. [that's what crow want say].
  15. Exactly, but since power Statusfx It´s not UP yet, we can´t know if is Epic Unlimited or Limited.
  16. Not sure, but I think´s Unlimited.
  17. When it's really worth investing in xat, it matters to be something we like. Good I think it's great for every power to have an unlocked option. My suggestion is to be able to choose what we wan. Example, you have a power and you want to use one of 1,2,3,4 options. [You can choose 1 or 2 or even 3 or 4. If you have two powers and want to use 1 and 3 be allowed to use. If you want to use them all, you must have 4 powers. Unlike having 4 powers so you can use the last one/all, when you can have only one power and use what you like. [Remember, after you buy this power and
  18. Thank you all very much for the congratulations BDay (hug) 

    1. iAura


      HBD (ONLOVE)(blowkiss)

    2. Bau
  19. Hey xatFamily We already have 2,000 people next to us, as we said, we did. We have a random winner 5€ paypal, Congratulations @Adelisa More info about it you can find here https://facebook.com/XatBau/TheWinner5€ This topic will be closed now, Thanks.
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