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  1. I like it, was changed UnPaid USER ! (a)


    1. Anas


      Is this something new? (sry)


      I feel like it's have been that way for ages.

    2. Leandro


      It was never a paid user departament bau lol

    3. Bau


      This week I helped two people one with unblock domain for chat, and another one for changing email, because he forgot E-mail, it seems to me he had to be a paid user.
      User lost email at login or password at email and no longer has the phone number, I do not know exactly, did not speak my language, and I tried to help her with the translator.

      Maybe just for the unblock domain, it was definitely my mistake. 
      Probably I was wrong, I apologize. (sry)

      Thank´s Anas, Leandro.

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