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  1. xat Ajutor was redirected today with assistance.
    Thank you xat.com. (rolleyes)

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    2. zw


      Things were simply restored to their original state, I believe (detailed here). There may exist a reason for the chat to be reinstated, but it will probably need to be subject to a formal process for approval or rejection.

    3. Bau


      Yes Muffins, everything is fine.
      I don't know why, but I'm sure the whole xat.com staff/vols/Contributors is behind this success. . . . You know!

      xat.com to continue this way, it will go very far.

    4. zw


      That's good to hear.

      Speculating, but believe it was processed later due to the fact that it fell off their radar for a period of time.

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