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  1. Soon New Cotest! (hello)

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    2. Deffy
    3. Bau


      Hi @HelperNate @Deffy Contests/Events

      - Club Icon Photo
      - Club banner
      - Background
      - PcBack

      - Icon Photo
      - Banner
      - Background

      Creative things. (cute)

    4. Ayberk
  2. Bau

    562 HAIRB

    I think whoever creates these powers is bald, and takes revenge. Hairb, Hairm, Hair2f, Khair, Ahair, Hairf. . . . Nice power, we like!
  3. Well, I mean, if it's not related to xat´s XatRadio why players should be accepted/approved - ignored/rejected. If a person enters xat.com he makes a Register, he wants a radio and a player, he buys from ARCbots, he wants to change an HD player and he doesn't know how, I explain what he has to do and the person says it's a lot to do, not anymore, I want nothing, and leave the xat.com. - I think xat.com needs people, not to lose people. I understand it is a difficult thing, you have to take care of many players, but I do not want to be misunderstood. Perfect, We know about vols- That's why I opened this idea, to know all about it. I think this is quite normal. Is there anything to hide? xPf
  4. xPedro, xLaming Thank you. You both know it's a good idea and it's not related to xat´s. But if it is as we think, and not as it really is, why are there people who approve players for someone? Why not the xat.com staff? - Why is it not public who does this? (Everyone deserves to know who works at xatRadio). - More people visit Forum.xat.com than xatRadio.com - More people have the opportunity to come in and be updated with any information on XatRadio. It's just an idea, if you/all really do a good job you have nothing to fear. - If you really have many people to check with the player, we need more people to work with, reliable people. - If you really have many people to check with the banner, we need more people to work, trustworthy people. I think I brought two themes here, radio and banner, but I hope the idea was understood. LOL
  5. Hello everyone. Announcements and Feedback. « Check. - Suggestions - HTML5 - Mobile - New Power Testing - AppBot -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What about a new section for XatRadio. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The news - Announcements and Feedback. - Suggestions - HTML5 - Mobile - New Power Testing - AppBot - XatRadio What benefits can it bring? - New changes, Staff, and other minor information. - All approved/ignored-rejected images ( Why this image was ignored, for people to see mistakes and know how to evolve). - Support for all people ( so we all see and know what to do or not, what is right and what is not right). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why did I come up with this idea? Just this week I think I received 5 complaints from xatRadio - The banner image was approved and after a day received an email that was ignored/rejected. What happen? Everyone asks for explanations, so in this section, everyone will have explanations. Thank´s for your time. Regards Bau.
  6. What is this @Bau http://prntscr.com/p50e1m illuminati hmm ?

    1. Bau


      Hi Paulo, this bg is old, and this eye is for taking care of the chat. hmm? xD

  7. Bau

    New HTML5 Trade app

    Is awesome. Waiting for some time, I knew that my precious time is not wasted, I waited for what I wanted and it was done. I know I suggested something similar, but I didn't find it in history, so I won't mention my name. @Lemona @Samuel Thank you!
  8. Perfect! @JasonOficial I cut the writing with a few lines that exist in xatspace. What didn't I cut, I want to know it exists in xatspace?
  9. Hello The winner: comment-111715 « @Deffy «Defne00 (84065237) HOW This WORk? Soon Another Contest, Enjoy
  10. Bau


    Hello Toxic The idea is good, but there are reasons why the idea has not been created so far. - To become a chat owner, you need practice, time and a lot of knowledge/confidence. - Why would you want to restricting an owner, when he is like a main owner with almost the same knowledge. - Why restricting this when the owner is the right hand to the Main owner. I think it is good to exist in xat, it may be useful in unofficial xat. Regards Bau.
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